Erika D. Opens up About Former Relationship with Mendeecees Harris

In an interview with Mara “The Hip Hop Socialite,” Erika explains how she got with Mendeecees and what kind of relationship they had.

She says:

“I first began talking to Mendeecees when we were in California. We were in the Beverly Center. I believe it was All Star Weekend 2004. I was 20 years old at the time. He had seen me in Harlem at the time…you know how guys are when they see young girls they like. He was like, ‘I like that girl, I want to talk to that girl.’ I never paid him any attention. In California, he seen me and he seen me speaking to a mutual friend that we both have. And he told a friend, ‘oh get that girl for me. I need to talk to her.’

“So the guy ended up connecting us with each other and when we went back to New York, we started to talk to each other and hang out and we started dating and it was a constant thing. It wasn’t like, ‘I’m going to date her one day and sleep with her and leave.’ No, it was constant. And I was 20 at the time, Mendeecees was 25 at the time.

“He was more of the leader in the relationship, I’ll say cause he was more experienced…he was older. He was 25 so I let him lead it. So we were always together, this was nothing that was hidden. All his friends, even his family that is trying to act like they don’t know me, they all knew me, they all met me. There’s not one person in Harlem that didn’t know what was going on. I could never discredit another woman. I can’t tell you what he was doing with other women but I can tell you what he was doing with me. And he was saying I was his girlfriend and he was introducing me to his friends and everyone as his girlfriend. He was around my family. He was around my friends, around my coworkers.”

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  1. She’s doing way too much. The best way to handle liars is to just let karma handle them. I wish she would stop giving Yandy and Mendeecees so much attention. Most of us can see right through them anyway.

  2. I can’t believe people actually believe Mendeecees though. So she’s just a “slide” but you had no problem sleeping with her without a condom and knocking her up? Let’s say he’s telling the truth and she was just a j/o to him. He didn’t use protection with a woman he didn’t value. That doesn’t make Erika look bad, that makes him look bad in my opinion. Yandy is so dumb because she swears she has a good dude.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. How can you really say a woman is nothing to you but you didn’t wear a rubber? That says a lot about him. But let Yandy tell it, he’s fake husband of the year. There’s so many red flags yet she keeps ignoring them.

  3. I believe he was with Erika and that’s when he started messing around with Yandy. To save face, Yandy and Mendeecees are lying and saying Erika was the side piece. It’s working in their favor now because Mona has their backs, but those tables do turn.

  4. Men lie about this kind of stuff all the time. They will pretend they weren’t with a woman because they don’t want to compromise the current situation that they are in. I mean this is something women learn at a young age. So I’m not going to say Erika is lying. I know it’s a huge possibility she isn’t.

  5. Yandy is so insecure that she’s trying to rewrite history. Before this season, I could have sworn her and Mendeecees said Erika was an ex and he dated her while him and Yandy were on a break. That’s how they got pregnant back to back. I can’t believe people are forgetting this.

  6. I think all of this is about respect for Erika. She was with Mendeecees, got pregnant, they broke up and now he’s throwing her under a bus to preserve his TV image. I get why she’s pressed but I still don’t think he’s worth all of this. LOL.

  7. Yandy said she loves Erika’s son but she had no problem telling her that Mendeecees regrets getting Erika pregnant. Now Yandy is supposed to have a college degree but she can’t see the issue in saying that on TV like the child won’t grow up and see this mess one day? I really don’t like Yandy anymore. She’s trash.

  8. Y’all saw Erika had Mendeecees on the phone tonight and asked him was she just a slide and Mendeecees didn’t say yes. Yandy is out here looking real pressed.

  9. All of you slides are responding because y’all are slides. She’s lucked up and had a baby and he kept her in an apt.

    1. This is the second time you’ve made a fool of yourself on this blog. You sound like an ignorant hood rat. Only a hood rat would look at Yandy’s situation and think she’s winning. She just told you little idiots she’s not even really married, and y’all are still stanning. On top of that, you fools think Mendeecees, a drug dealing felon with multiple baby mommas who was accused of child molestation, is some prize. And don’t worry about us on here. Unlike Yandy, a lot of the women on here are actual wives smart enough to see how dumb Yandy and your ilk are. Y’all will never be anything more than delusional hood boogers and walking statistics. Yandy is life goals for y’all and that’s a joke in itself. Keep aiming for the gutter sweetheart.

    2. You are so corny. You can tell you just learned that wack a-s term just last week. That’s Yandy stans for you. Just as corny as she is.

    3. Slides? Stop projecting ma’am. Happily and legally married to an educated black man who isn’t currently in prison. 🙂

    1. A wife is someone who actually turned in a signed wedding certificate to the state, therefore making the marriage legal. See how easy that was to define? You Yandy stans are weirdos. She is not a wife nor is she any better than the other two baby mommas. Find someone better to live vicariously through please.

  10. Yandy literally just confirmed she’s just a third baby mama but her stans are still gloating and trying to drag anyone who called this foolishness from day one. So pathetic and desperate.

  11. Ok so one of the Anonymous on here said that a couple of years ago Yandy explained the situation and she said Mendeecees dated Erika after they broke up so it’s not making sense how they are changing the story now and trying to call her some random “slide” or whatever. I did some digging and I forgot UB wrote this a year ago:

    Anyway, here’s what Yandy said about Erika just last December:

    “Even Mendeecees and I…we were broken up for a while. And he started dating someone else. And he came back and told me that person got pregnant and I thought my world was over.”

    Ok so even Yandy admitted back in 2015 that Erika and Mendeecees actually dated!! And this explains why on last night’s episode Mendeecees didn’t agree when Erika said Yandy said she was just a slide. Yandy is so dirty for slandering this woman just to make her fake marriage look less sad!!

    1. This is why I love this blog. Y’all will pull out the receipts in a minute. So basically, Yandy is a liar. I figured that much.

    2. This is why some people knew Yandy and Mendeecees were lying from jump. They clearly changed their story this season because it wasn’t a good look for Yandy and when the math is done, it’s clear as day Mendeecees was messing with the both of them at the same time. But that doesn’t fit the image they put out there so now they are trying to call Erika some fling when she wasn’t. Mendeecees family is so thirsty for fame and money that they are going along with it. It’s odd because Yandy claims she has all this money and whatnot, so why is she doing the most for some low paying reality show? I’m starting to question if her pockets are as deep as she claims now.

  12. This was bound to happen. Yandy tries so hard to make it seem as if she’s the only one to ever have Mendecees and in turn Her stans laughed at at Erika’s slide show IG post, but she clearly showed that she and Mendecees had more of a relationship than what these two clowns are letting on. Stay mad, Yandy. You can’t magically make your man’s exes disappear just cause you want to be the only one.

  13. I used to have a lot of respect for Yandy. But now I see she’s nothing like the image she was portraying all these years. If she was, she would have never got caught up with Mendeecees in the first place. I can only imagine what else he has put her through that we don’t even know about.

  14. After reading the link Tea posted, I can’t believe I forgot about all of that. Damn Yandy is really lying on Erika and it makes you wonder why. She has so much animosity for Erika and not so much Samantha. I’m starting to believe the projection theory. Maybe Yandy was the “slide” and she’s trying to flip the script now to save face. She’s way too angry with Erika for something not to be up.

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