Drake and J-Lo Get Cozy

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you it’s being rumored that Drake and Jennifer Lopez have a romance brewing, and now the pop stars are adding fuel to the rumors with a recent picture that went viral.

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  1. I prefer his fake relationship with Rihanna to be honest. J-Lo is much older and has baggage. There’s nothing s-xy about this pairing.

  2. Nothing but a business arrangement, especially with him smiling all cheesy and them spotted everywhere……like the others were with Drake…when Drake gets with a female and he tries to keep it quiet and out of the public eye…then I’ll know its real….LOL

  3. I don’t understand why Drake does these PR relationships. It’s not like he can’t sell albums and singles without these stunts. He certainly can.

  4. Drake always does this when has something to promote. It’s usually Rihanna and Serena now he’s adding J.lo to the rotation smh. He doesn’t even have to do this corny stuff but he’s a cornball so I get it.

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