Drake and J-Lo Send a Message to Their Doubters

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like Drake and J-Lo are responding to skeptics of their relationship with some lip action.

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  1. This changes nothing for me. I still think this is another publicity stunt and I fully expect them to drop new music together soon.

  2. They don’t even look legit. How any more stunts is Drake going to pull? He’s pulled so many that I’ve lost count.

    1. He didn’t dog out Rihanna. He just moved on to his next PR relationship. Navy is so delusional. Y’all still think him and Rihanna had a real relationship even though they only get together when they have new albums coming out. How embarrassing.

  3. I can’t see the vid cause im at work but I already know its just another stunt ………they really don’t need to be extra in order to get attn….their names is good enuff smh

  4. Whether the relationship is real or not, Drake never looks comfortable “with” women – no matter who it is. A shame to have all that “confidence” on his tracks and be whack in real life.

  5. It’s very odd that we have not seen Drake in a real relationship. I don’t feel like arguing today with stans so I’m just going to exit.

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