TI and Tiny’s Reality Show in Trouble + TI Blames Divorce Filing on Tiny’s Friends?

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day it was revealed that TI and Tiny’s marriage may not completely be done, and there is still hope for the couple to reconcile.

With their future in the air, some are wondering about the status of their reality show.

Interestingly enough, sources claim the issue isn’t a possible divorce, but the fact that TI is very hard to work with.

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    1. Exactly he doesn’t want to take any responsibility. Tiny a damn fool if she doesn’t follow through with this divorce.

  1. It’s easy to believe TI is hard to work with. But I can’t fault him for making sure that his family is out here looking crazy on TV. That’s the smart way to do it.

  2. Hell they need to cancel this show. The audacity of TI and Tiny parading around like they are a perfect family when they know good and well how toxic their marriage has been.

  3. They need to cancel this show for the simple fact that they have been fake the entire time. But it seems like VH1 doesn’t mind their reality shows lacking reality so I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath. Anyway, Tiny is an idiot. She’s been weak for so long that not even filing for divorce is being taken seriously by TI. That’s sad as hell.

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