Watch: Kandi Burruss Checks Porsha Williams + Slams Phaedra Parks Again

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss’ feud with Phaedra Parks is heating up.

In a preview for the upcoming episode, Kandi makes even more accusations and she’s not going to allow Porsha Williams to guilt trip her either.

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  1. Here goes Kandi being extra again. So now Phaedra not only cheated on Apollo but she also worked overtime to ruin Kandi’s career? Bye Kandi.

    1. But she was right there at the table with Kandi so you could not tell Kandi that? No, Kandi, Todd is taking your money and word on the streets, I mean court is that you and lil Todd ain’t paying nobody.

  2. Ok Kandi. Try to justify what you did. Kandi is so fake, there was plenty of times she could have confronted Phaedra but didn’t. Phaedra invited her out to dinner to put it on the table of why Kandi is so mad at her and she did her extra and walked out.

      1. Ok, in order for us to comment we can only comment on what we see them do or hear them say it on television. So this question is irrelevant to this conversation. Unless either was there for the taping, we can only refer to what we see or we can go with a lot of what if’s. If she did approach her off of camera then she is going to have to show some receipts…ijs for all.

  3. I don’t understand why y’all defend Phaedra so hard on here. How many times has it been proven that she’s a liar and can’t be trusted? I don’t think Kandi is lying at all.

  4. Kandi is really annoying me this season. It’s amazing how Phaedra didn’t become such this evil person until she got cool with NeNe. And this is why I’m just not going to take her vendetta against Phaedra seriously.

  5. Kandi so full of sh-t. She so hot about Phaedra so called messing with her money. But where was all this anger when Kim fleeced her a-s out of all that money she ain’t talk all this sh-t about Kim that’s how you know its deeper. GTFOH this has nothing to do with money this b-tch is weak and fake and everybody sees it.

    1. Oh yeah you are right. She didn’t say anything to Kim. She was on the reunion crying like she always did.

  6. So now she wants to act dumb and say she didn’t accuse Phaedra of cheating she just said “talking to other people”. But when Nene and her got into it at the reunion and Nene said she didn’t call Mama Joyce rachet and gutter for attempting to throw her shoe, Kandi jumped back with “but you implied it”. So in essence she’s “implying” that Phaedra cheated and once again trying to justify it. Kandi is so fking fake and hypocritical.

  7. I see Kandi is still tryna go mad hard to stay relevant off of Phaedra’s name….so who needs whom again for a storyline???? anyway did Kandi so call hear all of this before or after her meet up wit Phaedra..I’m curious

  8. Kandi is being really dramatic this season. From staging a storyline with her baby daddy, paying her mom to be a certified ratchet grandma to creating a problem with Phaedra to seem more interesting…it’s just overkill tbh. Her and Phaedra are no longer close and it was a mutual decision. So why is she trying her hardest to create a beef?

  9. Not y’all being mad at Kandi for telling the truth about Fraudra! I live for the saltiness and tears y’all are giving me this season! *giggles*

  10. Apolo put receipts of the text message when phaedra was messing with Mr Chocolate, but only phaedra delusinal stans believed they were Phaedra did all that talking about Kandi to nene and the other girls, fake tears, like Kandi was a bad freind,acting like she was so hurt when Apolo was going to jail (USED HER AS A STORYLINE) while in front of kandi she was happy, and she had no issue with kandi in her face.Even talked about Kandi paying todd. Throwing Kandi under the bus for 2 seasons. Now Kandi showing why phakedra was using her name to get sympathy everyone mad. Phaedra should of talked to her freind instead of going behind Kandi back trying now she mad cause Kandi fed up and showing how fake she is. Which we all new.

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