Brandy’s Friend Accuses Her of Having an Issue with Beyonce?

Many would consider Brandy a living legend when it comes to R&B music, but that doesn’t mean Brandy is above throwing some shade to her rival Monica when she’s in the mood.

And when folks on social media tried to convince Brandy she’s too much of a legend to be petty with Monica after all these years, Brandy and her mother made it clear that she has no plans to stop her shadiness.

But one of Brandy’s close friends claims Monica isn’t the only singer she has an issue with.

Songwriter Tiyon “TC” Christian hopped on Twitter recently and he put Brandy on blast.

In one of his tweets, he claimed Brandy got upset with him for taking a picture with Beyonce (screenshots via Fameolous):

Hours later, Brandy took to Instagram to let her followers know that she and TC worked out their issues:

As for Brandy, from her Instagram account alone it looks like she has no issues with Beyonce:

Not to mention, Solange is a huge fan of Brandy and even got into it with a music journalist to defend her honor.

However, when Brandy’s fans accused TC of tweeting lies, he clapped back pretty quickly:

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  1. I don’t think he lied. I think Brandy is insecure even though she has a hell of a resume. It happens. Some people just can’t take not being as big of a star as they used to be so they start to resent others. Either way, Beyonce is unbothered and I’m sure she’s not going to sweat this. She’s used to having haters inside and outside of the industry.

  2. The Hive knows Brandy doesn’t like Beyonce and we’ve known this for years. When Brandy and Kelly used to be close, Brandy used to bad mouth Bey all the time and she told Kelly she should stop being friends with Bey because Bey is a huge star and it may never happen for Kelly. Kelly realized then that Brandy has issues and she ended the friendship. Brandy has a lot of issues but people were blind to it until recently because of her going at Monica for no reason. But I’m not fooled. She has a nasty attitude and can’t maintain any friendships. She’s the problem.

    1. Yeah I remember that. You would think Brandy would have gotten over it by now but I mean, she’s still salty with Monica so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  3. They need to stop with this Vocal Bible nonsense. She is not that great of a singer. I can name many who are much better. Her head is on swole because they keep calling her that.

  4. She doesn’t have to like Bey because Bey will still be successful regardless. It’s funny to see how pressed Beyonce makes people though. The girl gets out of bed, works hard and slays at her career and it makes a lot of people feel basic. Sounds like a personal problem to me if Beyonce makes you feel some kind of way.

  5. She sounds pressed AF if this is true. Anyway I know it’s gotta be hard for Solange when your big sis continues to be that bish after all these years and has your faves from the 90s shook.

  6. Brandy really needs to get some help. She has misplaced anger and it’s no other singer’s fault that she’s turned out to be such a miserable person. That’s completely on her.

  7. I love Lemonade but I’m still not here for Beyonce but I really hope the Beyhive doesn’t waste any time going after Brandy. She’s really not worth it and her issues go way beyond Beyonce and Monica. Let her be.

  8. So many people are beefing with themselves when it comes to Beyonce. She is not going to take time out of her day to respond to them or partake in their negativity. If she did that, she wouldn’t be where she is today. She has laser like focus and she realizes all this extra stuff is just a waste of time so why even bother?

  9. I don’t think anyone can be surprised about this. Over the years we’ve seen how petty Brandy can be when it comes to other singers.

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