Kandi Burruss Regrets Throwing Phaedra Under the Bus?

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks’ friendship is pretty much a wrap at this point but Kandi may be changing her mind on one thing.

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  1. Kandi has no backbone and doesn’t know what she really wants. She only has an issue with Phaedra because her momma and employees have an issue with Phaedra. She only took Apollo’s side because Todd was Team Apollo. She’s just so weak minded to me.

  2. Kandi is only regretting starting all this mess because she has been getting dragged and she didn’t expect it. She really thought everyone was going to side with her but only Team Twirl is riding with her. LOL.

    1. Exactly! For someone who was a slide Kandi sure has a short a-s memory. Apollo was staying with Blue before his marriage ended and was cheating with the realtor, if Phaedra was talking to somebody else at that point….good for her.

      Kandi seems to forget that you could not like your spouse, be ready to divorce but still grieve for the loss of the marriage, a husband and the father of your kids. I can’t stand that trout mouthed b-tch.

  3. Kandi doesn’t need to regret anything. People were making a big deal out of Kandi spilling Phaedra’s tea but it didn’t take long for Phaedra to turn around and do the same thing. But where’s the outrage? Oh.

    1. Why would people be outraged about Phaedra confirming tea about Kandi when Kandi and co have been trashing Phaedra since the start of the season? Even before the season began Kandi was on the talk show trashing Phaedra. Kandi is now falling headfirst into the hole she dug for Phaedra.

  4. But she said she meant what she said and only said it because Phaedra came for her first. What changed now? My thing is if you’re going to be shady, then stand by it. Now that Phaedra is willing to go below the belt too now, Kandi has regrets. Kandi was big and bad when Phaedra was letting her have it. Now that Phaedra is ready to stoop down to her level, she shouldn’t have said what she said on camera. How convenient.

  5. Kandi only said what Apolo said and proved by showing text messages. So why everybody mad? I wonder is phaedra going to apologize to kandi for talking about her behind her back to nene and all the girls like she was a bad freind, but the whole time she was happy Apolo was going to jail cause she had a whOle man.at first phaedra was supportive of todd and Kandi and saying he not after kandi money. Now she saying kandi paying todd. Kandi still did not say anything about phaedra. Phaedra is a fake freind who started coming for kandi 1st, she should not feel bad.

  6. Y’all are running out of excuses for Phaedra but refuse to admit the obvious. It’s so hilarious to see you guys become the delusional stans y’all always said Team Twirl was! *giggles*

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