Tyler Perry Calls Black People Racist for Criticizing ‘Too Close to Home’

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tyler Perry got his big break thanks to the success of his plays with featured primarily black casts, and he was able to replicate that success in film and now in television.

However, Tyler has now done something different and he now has a successful television show that features a white cast.

He’s been getting backlash for his latest project, and he thinks any black person who has an issue is being racist.

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  1. It’s like people like Tyler get their start on the backs of black people and then throw us under the bus after they make it. It’s really sad.

  2. I guess he feels like he’s at the point of his career where he can talk down to black folks and still stay successful. He better hope he’s right.

  3. What a reach. But I don’t care either way because it’s not like I watch anything he makes anyway. LOL.

  4. I think he’s just refusing to hear people out. If you made the bulk of your career about catering to black people because you saw a diversity issue and wanted to make things better, you can’t get in your feelings if black people call you out when you abandon that purpose. It just makes him look like an opportunist to be honest.

  5. I’m not sure if it’s a sign of the times or just a heavy influence from social media, but interviews are not the way I remember them. These days, they cause more drama and conflict than anything else, which really makes me wish people would do away with interviews altogether. There’s a way to advocate for what you believe in without downing a group of people who have supported you. I personally don’t care about him having a show with an all-white cast, but to refer to Blacks as hypocrites on a public platform. Come on…

    These people must have forgotten that they owe no man nothing – certainly not an explanation. Do your shows and stfu. Those who will support, will – and those who won’t, won’t. Basic math.

    1. Agreed… no matter what anyone says it seems they are going to get dragged and it seems as if all interviews are set up to make at least one demographic pissed off

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