Lee Daniels Says He Created ‘Star’ to Give White People Self Esteem

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lee Daniels is once again making headlines and getting social media buzzing with some interesting interview quotes.

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  1. Again, I don’t know why black people support this man’s shows. He does not like black people despite being black.

    1. I don’t either. I pretty much stopped watching Empire and I won’t be watching Star. I don’t want to support a buffoon.

  2. There really is no defending this one. White people don’t hate being white. Why would they? It comes with a lot of privilege. Lee really needs to stop doing interviews.

  3. Man, I didn’t even bother to read that sh-t. I used to be a big Empire fan but he turned me off so much I didn’t watch this season, and I refuse to watch Star….sorry Queen.

  4. I think he definitely has good material. I love a lot of his movies and shows. I seriously believe he needs a publicist. He is always saying the wrong thing. He just does not know how to be discreet about his real thought vs. being correct to the public.

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