Lee Daniels Says He Created ‘Star’ to Give White People Self Esteem

Lee Daniels has been pretty busy promoting his new drama on FOX, “Star,” and in a recent interview, he opens up about why he created the show.

According to Daniels, one of the main reasons he created the story was because he wanted whites to feel good about being white.

Here’s an excerpt of his interview with Ebony Magazine:

“We are in a very dangerous state right now in our country and I wanted White people to feel good about being White because right now, there’s a lot of hatred going on,” Daniels explains before further detailing the story he created. “It started out with this White girl that was just bada*s and would do anything: kill, rob, have s*x, whatever to get to the top. Then, I realized as I was writing, that it was more about a girl group. Their whole world is about what happened to me when I left home and went to Hollywood and the struggles I went through. ”

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  1. Again, I don’t know why black people support this man’s shows. He does not like black people despite being black.

    1. I don’t either. I pretty much stopped watching Empire and I won’t be watching Star. I don’t want to support a buffoon.

  2. There really is no defending this one. White people don’t hate being white. Why would they? It comes with a lot of privilege. Lee really needs to stop doing interviews.

  3. Man, I didn’t even bother to read that sh-t. I used to be a big Empire fan but he turned me off so much I didn’t watch this season, and I refuse to watch Star….sorry Queen.

  4. I think he definitely has good material. I love a lot of his movies and shows. I seriously believe he needs a publicist. He is always saying the wrong thing. He just does not know how to be discreet about his real thought vs. being correct to the public.

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