Porsha Williams Denies Betraying Shamea Morton

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams is receiving some backlash on social media because some folks seem to think she threw her friend Shamea Morton under the bus on the most recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

However, Porsha claims she didn’t betray Shamea.

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  1. Porsha is my girl but I can admit this wasn’t a good look for her. Now if her and Phaedra fall out, people will throw this back in her face.

  2. My thing is this. Is no one going to point out the fact that Shamea straight up lied about Phaedra? Now if Phaedra tried to sleep with her ex husband, why was Shamea smiling all in Phaedra’s face last season i.e. this picture posted on this post? I can see why she’s so cook with Kandi. She loves to lie just like she does. People love to call Phaedra a fraud but they give Kandi and now Shamea so many passes. LOL.

  3. Porsha clearly through her bestie business out there. She such a hypocrite. Phaedra teaching her well. She set there and shook her head, yes, agreeing to what phaedra said after sheree asked her. Theses stans so delusional, blaming it on editing. Lol!

  4. Why do folks keep saying Porsha threw Shamea under the bus when all she did was say she was close to Kandi and Todd. But no one us talking about how last season Shamea was kikiing with Kandi and her crew about Porsha and didn’t defend her.

    Now that Kandi is licking the kitty all if a sudden Shamea wants to jump in the mix, but like @Yeah said above, she’s been on the show and never once said sh-t to Phaedra about that rumor. Girl bye.

    1. Now this right here @Julyol1972 gave the light of what the viewers seen and not. Porsha never said anything about Shamea other than she is close with Kandi and Todd. People tend to forget about last season, Shamea did not defend Porsha when they were coming at her and Shamea was kiking with Phaedra as well in all episodes.

  5. Shamea and Porsha aren’t even close like that though. Just filming buddies so why does Porsha need to defend her honor? Like someone already said, Shamea never defended hers and Kandi was actually close with Phaedra so it’s a different scenario that can’t be compared.

  6. Delusional people see and hear what they want. This has nothing to do with defending a freind, it’s about talking about and telling your freind business. Phaedra said kandi and shame was real close as well, putting her 1 finger in a hole. Unless you’re 8 years old, I get it. Nobody had nothing to say when phaedra was talking about Kandi behind her back (not even porsha).I really think Phaedra and porsha is really really close. That’s why phaedra goon (porsha), going so hard. They act like it as well.

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