TI and Tiny Work on Their Marriage

According to reports, Tiny and TI were spotted out on a date recently and Tiny’s recent social media behavior paints a picture of a married couple working out their issues.

All Hip Hop writes:

Rapper T.I. reunited with his wife Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle for a family night out this week, almost a month after she filed for divorce.

The former Xscape singer lodged court papers to end her six-year marriage to the 36-year-old hip-hop superstar in Georgia on December 7, 2016 but news of their split only surfaced on December 27, 2016.

They have yet to formally address the break-up in public and put their differences aside to enjoy the holidays together.

Now it appears T.I. and Tiny are back on good terms after recently enjoying dinner together with their baby daughter Heiress.

Tiny shared video footage of the doting dad feeding the pair’s 10-month-old baby girl a lemon on Instagram on Friday (January 6), and added the caption: “Daddy trying to teach @heiressdharris a lesson cause she wanna eat every damn thing! She showed him!! Lol (laugh out loud)”.

The video was accompanied by a heart emoji.

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  1. When you have to file for divorce to whip your husband into shape, there’s a really big problem with your marriage.

  2. It’s really not complicated. All TI has to do is stop cheating and respect Tiny. Until he does those things, their marriage will continue to be a mess.

  3. The only thing that would surprise me is if they actually do divorce for real. I just don’t ever see that happening.

  4. This divorce is ain’t going to happen. Tiny will never be strong enough to leave and do better. It was cute of her to try to pretend like she was bout that life though.

  5. Well ladies and gentlemen, when her heart has had enough, then she will have had enough is all I conclude to. The heart is Volume! On another note…I love to see babies when they eat sour stuff they make the funniest faces but she seems to like the lemon.

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