Amid Drama with Phaedra Parks, Kandi Burruss is Considering Quitting RHOA?

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss has already expressed that she’s not happy with the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” production team this season, and she told fans she felt they set her up by making her ex Block part of her storyline.

Interestingly enough, now she’s also feeling some kind of way about how she’s being portrayed in her fallout with Phaedra Parks.

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  1. Kandi is really looking terrible this season. She’s not professional at all and they way she talked to her employee was just tacky all around. But she can’t blame production for any of this.

  2. I don’t believe for a second Kandi is leaving. With that restaurant eating up a lot of her coins, she needs the extra income. So she will suck it up and be back next season.

  3. She’s not going anywhere. She’s just frustrated as she should be because Phaedra’s delusional supporters still can’t see how much of a fraud Phaedra is.

  4. Kandi would not be feeling this way if she had more people supporting her on this Phaedra issue. She really thought people were just going to take her side but she’s getting bashed instead. Kenya’s stans make up a small percentage of RHOA viewers and she didn’t realize that until now. LOL!

    1. Exactly! Kandi really thought she was going to come out if this smelling like roses. But she fell headfirst into that big a-s hole she dug for Phaedra, and now can’t dig her own way out.#karma

  5. Good. That trout mouthed b-tch is past her due date and I’m ready for Nene to come back. Kandi thought we didn’t peep how messy she was from the first season. How she’d start sh-t and sit back and watch the fall out, or sit in the fence. Production can only show what you give them to work with and if you’re a snake, they’re gonna show you’re a snake. It’s been time for her goat-sounding a-s to have been gone.

    1. Right! Her shadiness was always overshadowed by that of her other cast mates with more entertaining storylines. Now that her drama with Phaedra is the main attraction this season she’s experiencing a level of scrutiny she never had on the show before. Kandi is just as shady as all the other ladies.

  6. Kandi is just trying to scare the producers. But I’m sure they know she’s just bluffing. You can’t blame the producers for using the material you willingly give them.

  7. She probably got finished crying after she wrote that….IDK why she’s so butt hurt about Phae recommending Johnie to another lawyer that handles cases like that,that’s what she is suppose to do…yall ain’t friends…and she has a business to run. Im sure even if she did work with cases like his she wouldn’t have took the case cause she said she didn’t wanna be in the midst of the drama with the Kandi coated clique, the Old lady gang and Streets…furthermore Johnie went to Phae…she didn’t ask him to come to her for legal advice. Of course Kandi wants to be ignorant. I bet if it was vice versa she would’ve took the case just like she ALLOWED Apollo to store shyt in his house w/o Phae knowing…Kandi shady a$$

  8. She wanted to be the NeNe Leakes of the show, well here it is. Did she really believe she could pull off the Queen Bee role without drama and controversy? Or did she think viewers really cared about her family life? Now she see’s how quickly viewers will turn against you depending on which way the wind is blowing. I guess she thought everyone would take her side against Phaedra. Wrong.

    1. This! She wanted to be the center peach and this is what goes along with territory. She who holds the center peach becomes the villain.

  9. I understand why Kandi is frustrated because people keep coming for her online in defense of Fraudra and she knows how dirty Fraudra is and people continue to coddle her anyway like she’s some innocent Christian southern belle. But she needs to just get ready for the reunion and bring the receipts.

  10. Kandi says she is a boss but why is she paying people peanuts to work for her and not even giving them any benefits? Then she talked to this man like he was less than human. I’m losing a lot of respect for her this season.

  11. Kandi really just irks my nerves she really has the audacity to be mad at Phaedra for recommending another lawyer yet her stupid a-s mom and whole flunkie clique talked about Phaedra like a dog. B-tch please nobody don’t owe you sh-t and she ain’t going nowhere she just mad she getting deserved backlash because anybody with half a brain knows her a-s is wrong.

  12. Well from my experience, most attorneys who can’t or won’t take your case due to the reason Phaedra stated will recommend an attorney who can handle your case, that’s just how it goes. Johnny must have a pretty solid case against her for Kandi to be so upset about Phaedra referring him elsewhere

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