Cardi B Wants You to Know…

In a recent video, Cardi explains why she feels she’s not wrong for having other men on the side despite her boyfriend currently serving time behind bars.

She says:

“So some b*tch is going to say, ‘Cardi be acting like she loyal to her man but she be doing other sh*t on TV. Like how you loyal to your man and not faithful?’

“Honey, being loyal doesn’t mean not being faithful, like what does being faithful have to do with being loyal?

“You know what’s being loyal? Being there when a n*gga don’t have sh*t. Making sure a n*gga still make money while he’s locked up. Making sure a n*gga is fed, making sure that n*gga smoking right, making sure that n*gga’s clothes is right. Making sure a n*gga is good when nobody is f*cking there. That’s f*cking loyal, b*tch. F-ck out of here. Don’t let that TV sh-t fool you. A f*cking check is a f*cking check.”

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  1. My only complaints are one, in most dictionaries, loyalty and faithful are synonyms. And lastly, I don’t suggest women be faithful to jail birds if they don’t have to be (married, have children together, etc).

  2. Cardi has some sense but looking at those text messages, she could use a little bit more. This Tommy person doesn’t seem like he’s worthy of her loyalty.

  3. Lord this woman sounds so dumb when she speaks. Like I doubt she talks like this in real life. But by her moves alone, you can tell she’s smart and knows what she’s doing. I respect her hustle.

  4. I don’t see the point in being in a relationship if you plan to sleep with other people but more power to her.

  5. I think she’s really trying to say the show is fake and she will fake date whoever necessary to get her check.

  6. I understand what she’s saying. Aside from the possibility of her saying the show is fake, I definitely think it sends the wrong message.

  7. I’m starting to think this Tommy dude is a major key or something…..Cause Cardi appears to be a smart chick….but the whole waiting for this dude thing especially when she already confirmed he’s talking to another chick upstate while in jail I just couldn’t do…if he can talk to other chicks while locked up imagine what he’ll be doing free. I wouldn’t waste time doing a bid with a dude and we don’t have no ties together

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