Rihanna Shades Drake?

If you’ve been keeping up with Drake’s ever-changing love life, then you already know that rumor has it he has a budding romance with Jennifer Lopez.

However, music industry insiders claim the twosome recorded music together recently, and their relationship is just a publicity stunt.

Despite the relationship possibly being just for buzz, Drake reportedly threw some shade recently at Rihanna during a club appearance.

Now some suspect Rihanna may be throwing some shade right back:

Ballerific Comment Creepin —- ??? #rihanna #commentcreepin

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  1. It amazes me has a pop singer has enough time to sit on Instagram and throw shade with her friends and her stans everyday. You would think she would actually use her time to get better at her job but nope, this is the stuff she does instead. At least Drake actually shaded her while he was WORKING.

    1. Rihanna is shooting a movie with Cate Blanchett…last time I checked, that’s called WORKING. Doesn’t mean her fingers are broke and she can’t gather Drake’s groupie a-s together.

  2. It’s true. Drake has groupie tendencies, especially when it comes to athletes. It’s like he forgets he’s famous too.

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