Sources Claim Tristan Thompson is Using Khloe Kardashian for Fame

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Khloe Kardashian recently revealed that she is hoping that she will eventually tie the knot with Tristan Thompson but sources are claiming that the NBA player is only using Khloe for fame and potential endorsements.

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  1. If Kris Jenner don’t get her evil a-s on somewhere with this bullsh-t. She is always trying to make her whore daughters seem more important than they are. Ray J’s d-ck put all of them on and Kanye’s dumb a-s saved them when they were starting to fade. So they can’t make anyone popping with their leeching a-ses.

  2. I see they are already starting. It’s hilarious that they actually think a NBA champion needs Khloe for fame and endorsements. Bye Kris.

  3. But who is trying to marry who? Khloe is the one who needs him because she can’t stay relevant without dating some damn body. Kim as well. They are not going to get attention if they aren’t in relationships and they know it. So no, Khloe needs Tristan. If he’s dumb enough to marry her, then that’s on him.

  4. These black men need to smarten up and leave these women alone. They ain’t been together no more than a month or so and already “sources” which we all know is the Kardashian themselves are already letting the world know she’s actually throwing him a bone. They already tried it with Kanye by lying and saying Kim has more money than him and he’s broke. They will throw their men under the bus quickly just to look more successful than they actually are.

  5. I thought a report came out a few years ago that confirmed the Kardashians buy a whole bunch of fake followers so Khloe’s social media following isn’t even real and Tristan can’t even benefit from it. But it sounds like the Kardashians wrote this since they made it a point to brag about how many followers Khloe has. Lol!!

  6. I dont understand why yall be so pressed like a panini over the Kardashians???? do they affect your sleeping and eating habits?? Of course he wanna com eup off my girl but its not gone work hes not relevant without her so of course he needs her..

    1. He’s a NBA champion though and Khloe didn’t get with him until after he became a champion. So who needs who?

      1. Thank you. But sadly a lot of young black people have been tricked to believe that these women are to be taken seriously. Khloe is not helping Tristan in anyway. If anything, he’s doing her a favor because the only time she’s semi relevant is when she’s in a relationship with drumroll…a professional athlete.

    2. We’re pressed, but you’re the one on here stanning for them and referring to yourself as a Kardashian? Well alright.

  7. I like Khloe but even I can admit this is ridiculous. Tristan plays for the Cavs and he’s a NBA champion. He’s also a very respected defender and a crucial reason the Cavs are the best team in the East after Bron and Kyrie. Only someone who isn’t into the NBA would think he needs Khloe for fame and fortune. I’m a Kardashian fan but some of us are really delusional and clueless. Anyway, Radar needs to sit down with this one.

  8. You know, I’m starting to wonder about my people. Only black people seem to take the Kardashians seriously and look at them like they are legit and life goals. Khloe has no talent, no real accomplishments on her own and got “fame” because Kim had s-x on tape. But it’s black people actually agreeing that a certified NBA champion who makes more money in a season than Khloe ever will in a year “needs” her. And no, it doesn’t stop there. Today you can go on Twitter right now and see young black men saying Kim K is better looking than black women. With all her tragic surgery, deformed butt and cat lady face, they still place her on a higher pedestal than people like Beyonce, Rihanna, Nia Long, Gabrielle Union and so on because Kim is not black. Meanwhile, you can’t even pay most white celebrities to associate with this family and white people can agree they are nothing but trash and social climbers. Black people, let’s do better in 2017 please. Rant over.

    1. They won’t admit this though. Instead they will say black people who aren’t Kardashian stans are pressed and just haters. No, we just have higher standards.

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