Kenya Moore Slams Fake Relationships Accusations, Says Porsha Should Be Fired + She’s the New NeNe Leakes

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams thinks Kenya Moore and the other housewives are trying their hardest to bait her and get her kicked off “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and in a recent interview, Kenya reveals that she feels Porsha should have been fired a long time ago.

Kenya also opens up about being accused of having fake relationships just to hold to her peach and why she feels she is the new NeNe Leakes.

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  1. Man if Kenya doesn’t shut her fake a-s up. Everything about her is fake as f-ck. Fake boyfriends, fake friends, fake businesses, and fake boobs and a-s. Porsha keeps her a-s pressed and I love it.

  2. I wish Kenya would sit down somewhere. She’s projecting. Everything she said about Porsha applies to her too.

  3. You could have 20 proposals and if none of them get you to the altar you’re just a glorified girlfriend. So screaming 9 proposals at every turn doesn’t look good Kenya if none odbthe men eventually married your fake ass.

    1. What does Kenya bring to the show besides ratchetness? There’s nothing classy about her. That beauty queen ish is in the past.

  4. She is so delusional it’s laughable. She will never be NeNe. I honestly think she’s boring this season and Porsha/Phaedra/Kandi’s beef along with Sheree’s pot stirring is what’s making the season interesting.

  5. Kenya really looked like a hypocrite trying to talk about Porsha being violent while excusing Matt’s behavior. And her whole defense that since Matt hasn’t touched her, it’s not the same situation. She is so ridiculous.

  6. If she’s wanted so much and men keep proposing to her, why is she damn near 50 years old and still single? Something ain’t adding up.

  7. Being proposed to by several different men is nothing to brag about. That just screams red flags to me about Kenya.

  8. Where are all these men who have proposed to Kenya? Do we have names, or receipts? And if she is in such demand and not interested in settling how is it she has been reduced to trying to get Walter to get her a diamond ring, or pretending to be engaged to that man she met on Millionaire Matchmaker who ended up marrying a white woman? Why is she even giving someone like Matt, a much younger man with issues, the time of day, when, according to her, she has everything any man could want?

    Truth be told Kenya is clearly the kind of woman that men mess with but don’t marry. It would explain why she is so bitter towards women who do managed to get married and have kids and a home.

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