Zoe Saldana Gets Called Out in an Interview

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Zoe Saldana has been defending President Donald Trump in her latest interviews, but one interviewer had no problem reminding the actress that she claimed she would move out the country if he won.

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  1. She’s trying to get in where she fits in. Had Trump not have won, she’d still be bashing him. His win has a lot of celebrities shook right now so they feel like they need to go ahead and jump on the Trump train while they still can. Lord forbid he wins a second term. The number of sellouts in Hollywood will increase exponentially.

  2. Zoe needs to really stop while she’s ahead. Her likability continues to decrease the more she speaks. She’s just as pretentious as Alicia Keys now.

  3. She was never going to move. Celebrities are rich people who aren’t really going to be affected much by a Trump presidency. Most of them were only against him winning because it seemed like the popular thing to do at the time. Now that he’s won, they want to get on his team , ie. Christette Michele. That’s why you have to be careful who you support.

  4. SMH some of these celebs really are as fake as the parts the play…try to convince folks they never forgot where they came from or that money hasn’t changed them. I use to like Zoe…but she’s been saying the most…I can’t support her flip flopping butt no more

  5. Everyone was against Trump and willing to move out the country if he won until he won. Zoe is just another celebrity backtracking because she didn’t imagine he’d become president. But I’ve been over her since the Nina Simone situation.

  6. I liked her when she was black. Then she got the big head and felt like she needed to play Nina Simone in that dreadful biopic. I haven’t liked her since.

  7. “I faith in [Trump] because he is my nation’s president,” the actress said in Spanish. “I wasn’t raised to one person over the other. I was raised to be an American. To my duty and offer my respect to America. Therefore, I will give him my respect, the respect he deserves, until the other shoe drops, as we Dominicans would say.”

    According to the Huffington Post, Ramos then pushed Saldana to address her earlier comments saying she’d move out of the country if Trump were elected. Saldana backtracked on those comments.
    Of course she backtracked! Zoe stands for nothing but a dollar. She showed black people how much she cares about us with that flop biopic on Nina and then when we correctly checked her for it, she lied and said we bullied her. Since then, she’s been throwing shade to black people and doesn’t even claim being black anymore. And this is why we knew she had no business doing that biopic. She’s fake and very entitled.

    1. Care about Us…id agree if we actually cared about each other. While i dont agree with the NS casting, i dont see how she did anything wrong by taking the role that was offered. Should she have turned it down? If so why
      She says plenty of shady stuff but taking the role is the least of them

  8. The media really needs to call out more celebs who did the same thing Zoe did. They were so against Trump and threatened to move out the country if he won, but now they are back tracking and some like Zoe are even defending him. I’ll never forget how she said he was bullied by Hollywood. Really girl? You can’t bully someone who literally bullies women and people of color all the time. Hell he built an entire campaign on bullying. So she can go on somewhere. She’s another Chrisette Michele in my book.

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