Zoe Saldana Says Afro Latinos Need to Stop Discussing Colorism + Colorism is an Internal Issue

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Actress Zoe Saldana has been busy promoting her latest film but she has some folks scratching their heads with her recent comments on racism and colorism.

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  1. This is what white people say about racism. Soon enough she’ll be comfortable enough to blame black people for white supremacy. Just give her some time.

  2. “I feel like I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt by not addressing it because it’s not something I wake up in the morning and I’m troubled by. I’m not troubled by the way that I look. I’m not troubled by the skin…I never looked at my blonde friend or my darker friend and said that, ‘oh, I wished that I looked like her.’ I was like, ‘I’m good. I’m good.’ For some reason, that bothers people that are struggling with their own identity. And I feel like we need to address that and kind of cure that internally. I think it’s more of an internal problem that we’re having versus an external situation that we have to address. That will come afterwards.”

    This tells me everything I need to know about Zoe. Her lack of empathy for people of darker skin and their obstacles lets me know she’s not a good person. She’s a very vain, selfish, and ignorant person.

  3. This is why this dumb a-s c–n had no business being Nina Simone. She thought black people were bullying her dumb a-s but nah, we saw her for the c–n she was a long time ago and felt she needed to stay the f-ck away from Nina’s legacy. I’m glad that sh-t flopped. She better forever be grateful that most of her films are carried by actual likable actors, something her a-s never will be.

  4. She really has issues. Her mother did her and her sisters absolutely no favors. Her version of protection actually turned them into self absorbed brats who don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. You don’t have to be dark skinned or even black to know something is very wrong with how people with darker complexions are treated.

  5. The only reason the white latinos claims her is because she’s successful. If she wasn’t, they’d be ignoring her like they do all the other afro latinas. She better hope and pray she doesn’t ever become forgotten in hollywood because she’ll be eating all of these words. I can’t stand it when black people let success fool them into thinking they ain’t black and racism ain’t a thing.

  6. So she got all this from her mother…makes sense. I’m sure she’ll turn around and raise her children the same way. And the cycle continues.

  7. She is proof that colorism is oftentimes kept alive by other black people (she’s an Afro Latina even though she wants to pretend otherwise). Since she isn’t dark skinned and hasn’t had to deal with the obstacles that come with it, she tells those that do to be quiet and it’s all internal. People like her keep it going. But one thing about tables…

  8. I used to really like her but then she started talking. Anyway, she’s really gotten the big head. Got her thinking Hollywood would never play her. She’ll see one day. They all do.

  9. If it’s not a issue for her then why not say no comment. My bf is Dominican and his family loves to talk about how they Spanish. He told one of his cousins to read about the black Jacobans. They did a number on Dominicans and they definitely suffer from colorism/colonialism. You can tell they internalized their issues because they are whitewashing their color. All her sisters date non black men

  10. Wasn’t her first role in a black movie? Didn’t she play a pro black singer a couple of years ago? Seems like to me she thinks about race when it suits her. But if this is how she feels, maybe she should understand why so many people feel she should leave the roles for black women for actual black women. You know, those that actually acknowledge their blackness and not just when it’s convenient.

  11. So in a nutshell, she doesn’t care about colorism because she’s light skinned so it’s not her problem. That’s interesting since the woman who called Rickey Smiley out in that video wasn’t dark skinned, but she has enough love for dark skinned women that she stuck up for them.

  12. She is in denial. For one thing she is “dark” so why is she acting like she cant relate. Dark in a sense that she is a afro latina. She cant pass for any other kind. No matter how many main stream roles or white men she marries.

    1. Her complexion isn’t light. I had to scroll up again to be sure. H*ll, I’m lighter than her,but I’m not foolish to think I better than anyone. She is simple.

  13. I like her until she opens her mouth and speak. But Dominicans are very racist and the thing is they don’t know it.

  14. She is so delusional! She is completely in denial and becomes more unlikable every time she speaks.

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