Chrisette Michele’s Husband Comes for Spike Lee, Gets Checked by Talib Kweli

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It looks as if the drama surrounding Chrisette Michele’s performance at the Inauguration is far from over.

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  1. Her husband is probably the one who told her to perform. They can get mad at Spike all they want but just like Chrisette had a right to perform, Spike has a right to no longer use her music. I don’t understand why Chrisette’s fans don’t get that. It’s like they want us to understand she has a right to do what she did, but don’t want to understand we have a right to no longer support her. It’s mad annoying.

    1. Supporters or fake stans and undercover black republicans? Chrisette doesn’t have stans. Nobody was buying her music before all this happened and nobody is about to start buying it now.

    2. Agreed. Basically they are acting like Chrisette is the only one with rights. According to them, Spike has to use her music and black people have to think what she did was right. But it doesn’t work like that.

  2. Talib is 100% correct but there was no need in responding to this foolishness. Spike’s legacy has been cemented for years. And he’s done more for the black community than Chrisette could ever do. She did this for the money and the check wasn’t even impressive. That’s her bad and everyone just needs to let her husband seethe in peace while Spike continues to be great.

  3. Chrisette decided she wanted to be some imaginary bridge for black people and got paid. Cool. Well now she has to deal with the consequences of her choice. Nobody has to do a damn thing for her anymore if they don’t want to. Welcome to America.

  4. Honestly, f-ck Chrisette, her husband and Lil Mo’s stanking a-s. They want the entire black community to become c–n trash like them and for that reason alone, they won’t be getting a dime out of me in any form. They ain’t sh-t and the draggings they have been getting are well deserved.

  5. Chrisette is not an OG. She has never had commercial success and no where near the respect or critical acclaim of Erykah, Jill or even Jazmine Sullivan. Had she played her cards right, she could have parlayed her R&B Divas stint into some really great projects and Spike Lee could have given her some positive exposure to expand on. But in a haste, she decided to perform for Trump and now that’s the only thing people will remember her by. It was just a bad business decision.

  6. I wasn’t a fan of Chrisette before so I can’t really boycott her. I just don’t understand why people can’t understand that all of this comes down to choices and rights. She had a right to perform, so she did. And I believe Spike has a right to no longer use her song, so he did. And her husband has a right to defend her, so he did. And people have a right to either agree or disagree when it comes to everything that has happened. It’s odd that some people don’t understand this. And I’m not referring to anyone on this blog. I’m referencing what I’ve seen written on IG and Twitter.

  7. I have no problem with Chrisette singing for Trump. It was a job and she has bills to pay. My only issue is how her and her husband are trying to pretend what she did was some form of political activism. No, it was a job and you did it for the check sweetie. And that’s ok with me. Don’t try to pretend you’re MLK reincarnated when you’re not lol.

    1. But I’m confused. Y’all said she didn’t have to turn down the performance invite because she’s black. But we have to support her decision because we’re black? What in the logic fail?

  8. I see Chrisette and her husband want to keep on digging that hole. Spike is more respected than they ever will be.

  9. She made her money so why is her husband crying? Were people supposed to be impressed by her c–ning? Take your coins and go back under that rock you were under.

  10. All I know is instead of just letting the backlash die off and quietly resuming with life, Chrisette and her attention seeking husband are trying to milk this for all its worth. That’s how you know she only did this for money. I have no respect for her.

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