Kandi Burruss Responds to Follower After Being Accused of Being Jealous of Porsha Williams

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss is not here for folks accusing her of being jealous of Porsha Williams.

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  1. Yeah but Todd just spends up all her coins on his bad business ideas. That’s why someone like Kandi who is supposed to be rich is still clinging on to Bravo money. Kandi is a lot more like Cynthia than she realizes. And well how did that situation play out? Yeah…

    1. Thank you! I thought I was the only one putting two and two together. Real rich people don’t do reality shows that make them look bad. I can see if she was doing something like Shark Tank but she’s out here fighting other women like she’s still in high school for a check. I think Kandi’s net worth is highly exaggerated.

      1. That’s true….can’t forget the fact that her husband is also attracted to Porsha….and I am sure she realizes that…that’s why she’s extra mad at Porsha LOL

  2. Kandi is pressed about Porsha because Porsha and Phaedra are tight now. Despite all the mess Kandi keeps talking about Phaedra, part of her misses the friendship. I’m just not buying the tough girl persona she’s displaying all of a sudden. Kandi’s feelings are hurt.

  3. I don’t expect Kandi to be honest and admit she’s been doing the most to Porsha this season. She will deny and point fingers as usual. “Well, she started it!” is her motto.

  4. Shut the f-ck up Kandi. Anyone with a pair of eyes and ears KNOWS your a-s is pressed by Porsha. She can’t stand it when other people get close to Phaedra. Last time it was NeNe, this time it’s Porsha. And soon enough, it will be Kenya if they can stay cool long enough. Just watch and see.

    1. That’s exactly what it is. Kandi just hates that her husband would rather be with Porsha. A thr–some is the closest he will ever get and he knows it.

      1. Exactly! From the moment Todd dogged Kandi out about coming to bed with a bonnet on I knew his behind was in no way attracted to her. Cause if a man loves you, he’s gonna love or at least tolerate all of you. Todd acts like he can barely stand Kandi.

  5. As much as Team Twirl is called delusional, I have to say that tweet to Kandi takes the cake. Porsha is nowhere close to having as much money as Kandi does. She has been getting Porsha together because she’s tired of the BS. She knows Porsha is just Phaedra’s minion, so she has no problem checking her when need be. It’s nothing deeper than that.

  6. She’s very jealous of Porsha and it’s because Porsha is close to Phaedra and Todd has a crush on Porsha.

  7. Kandi jealous of porsha?????? Why????? Delusinal at its best. Lol! Porsha can’t compare. Keep bossing up kandi,The realist on the show.

  8. I don’t believe y’all, there is no way Kandi is jealous of Portia or Fakdra…she has been nothing but loyal to Fakdra in the beginning, Fakdra jealous of Kandi and Todd relationship, Portia is all in the mix and don’t know the flavor, I’m pro Kandi and Kandi is a boss and from the beginning when Fakdra was talking about Kandi to NeNe when she know there was issues with those two, and as far as Kandi letting Apollo interfere with their friendship is bs, Todd is still friends with Apollo, but she claim she didn’t send the police to Kandi house, yeah rite she been stabbing Kandi in the back forever and Kandi says what she need to say to Fakedra and anybody else, Portia shut cause Fakedra said some crap about you too…I really believe that Fakedra is jealous because Kandi and Todd is making it work and her marriage to her criminal husband didn’t last then she try’s to play like she didn’t know what he was doing I agree with Todd and Peter, They just hating Kandi keep doing what your doing and Cudos to the Tucker Family

  9. Kandii is jealous because like Porsha said “I am a little tea pot short and stout”. Kandi can’t hold a candle to Porsha. Kandi is not attractive without makeup…Porsha is naturally pretty. Kandi has a big ass nose too!!! Todd wants Porsha bad!!!! Kenya is jealous of Porsha’s youth and Nene is just busted!!!

  10. kandi’s wishes is to see all the girls gang up on Porsha so she can gain some more power over her, she can’t stand seeing Porsha happy or someone having her back. she even fumes and make those sarcastic faces when Porsha starts putting a word, i bet your husband must have made a beautiful comment about Porsha. there’s some signs that your husband loves Porsha. Girl you better start growing up and get over your self you way tooooo old for such behavior and maybe just try to get some taste of education just to up your mentality game coz clearly you lose up there. STAY AWAY FROM PORSHA. act up all decent and show us that you have lot of moola like you claim to have and stay away from Phaedra, she’s way to civilised and decent for your funny games.

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