Salma Hayek Blames Journalist for Backlash over Comments Made to Jessica Williams

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Salma Hayek and Shirley MacLaine made headlines because they were pretty condescending and ignorant to Jessica Williams when she attempted to discuss obstacles black women face at an industry lunch.

Now that the backlash is rolling in, Salma is responding to the controversy on social media.

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  1. She was better off not saying anything. How do you blame a journalist for reporting something you said? No one held a gun to Salma’s head and forced her to be an ignorant bigot. She did that on her own and rightfully got dragged for it.

  2. I wish she would shut her fake a-s up. This ain’t the first nor will it be the last time her dumb a-s was condescending to black folks. She thinks she made it because she has played the exact same role for 20 years (a slutty white Latina) and married a billionaire who likes impregnating other women on the side. F-ck her.

  3. When all else fails, blame the journalist for “manipulating” your words as if they did’t roll right out of your own mouth. Oh please.

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