Reason for Lil Mo’s Firing from Radio Station Revealed

Apparently Lil Mo was booted from her radio gig with WKYS 93.9 in Washington, DC because she kept cutting up on social media and it wasn’t a good look.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

…Sources tell us,

She was fired over un-professionalism and it has nothing to do with her comments she made about Spike Lee, over Chrisette [Michele].

Sources add,

She’s super talented and gave lots of energy on-air, but there was another side that was alarming to the station. Some of the things she said on social media to people, were sending red flags. She also handled a few situations totally inappropriate and it was starting to become more of a hazard.

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  1. Lil Mo is one of those people who refuses to believe that her big mouth can be a problem for her pockets. This whole obsession with being “real” is getting folks fired left and right. People better smarten up about social media. Use it to network and even get good money making opportunities. Anything outside of that is risky.

  2. Sounds like that’s exactly what she was fired for, Spike Lee probably put in a word and get her the axe. She has too many kids to be letting her mouth mess up her pockets. Smdh

  3. Lil Mo felt like she could say whatever to whomever, and now she knows otherwise. I’m tired of saying that the Feds are now watching social media and when you’re a public figure it can get you in trouble.

    I still think that her challenging Spike is what put this over the edge though. She just forgot how little her a-s was in the big old pond of Hollywood entertainment.

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