1. Whether the marriage is over or not, they should both have more respect for their children and handle this behind closed doors. I don’t care how “smart” people think he is when it comes to social issues, it says a lot when you completely sh*t on your own family – be it in public or private.

  2. TI is just plain wrong. He’s out here trying to pretend he’s so conscious and deep but look at how he’s treating his wife.

  3. This is the kind of sh-t that happens when you give too many second chances. Tiny kept taking TI back and he left her.

  4. Tiny really needs to let go of this marriage like seriously its getting ridiculous.TI been messing around on her for years now he just not giving a f-ck. She needs to stop trying to play mind games to get him to come back its obvious he doesn’t want to come back and even if he did he doesn’t deserve Tiny. He has done too much sh-t to her and their family for her to accept him back like come on Tiny smh.

  5. I wonder who this woman is. Anyway, Tiny should have known filing for divorce just to scare him wouldn’t work out longterm. Eventually he was just going to go back to his old ways after he figured out that she wasn’t really going anywhere.

  6. Some people are saying she’s the marketing director of the NFL and they aren’t dating but she’s very unprofessional for taking a picture like this with a married man!!

  7. Umm as the Marketing Director, was a picture so close to him necessary? And why is he so comfortable putting his arm around another woman’s waist when he’s married? This still doesn’t sit well with me.

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