1. I don’t really know the entire situation between her and Cease but her new boo is automatically an upgrade. He’s cute and probably has more money than Cease. This other dude just seems salty she moved on.

  2. Sh-t I never understood what Dutchess saw in Ceaser’s dusty a-s. So now she has her own shop and a new man who actually has money. I can’t hate at all.

  3. Whoever the new dude is weak..even as a female you won’t see me blasting the other chick/woman…him doing this shows he is weak and hurt…if y’all both were cheating then why does it matter?

    1. I know right! The line right there was so filled with femininity, he just lost all street cred and his balls in one fell swoop. #clown

  4. LMAO this fool said “but the gag is”. I cannot….anyway, dude is just mad cause he wasn’t claimed. Go head on Dutchess.

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