Donnie McClurkin Urges People to Stop Protesting Trump + Pray for Him Instead

Photo Credit: Facebook/Steve Harvey

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like another prominent figure in Gospel is urging folks to stop protesting Donald Trump.

Donnie McClurkin is getting backlash because he is urging people to stop protesting Trump and pray for him instead.

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  1. When will black people learn that defending Trump is idiotic? This man will not ever go out of his way to defend black people. My goodness some of us are so dumb.

    1. When will black people also learn that praying isn’t the only answer? I literally rolled my eyes when I read the latter part of this interview. Faith without works is dead. Period.

  2. People protested when he was running yet he still got in, people are protesting now but he’s still president so at this point I think Donnie is right, pray because clearly protesting gets 0 results

  3. Protesting and boycotting is how the Civil Rights Movement accomplished as much as it did. It’s disturbing to see so many black Christians downplay what leads to progress. They should just admit the truth, which is they are Trump supporters.

  4. Donnie and the rest of his ilk need to let people be. If they want to protest a racist president, they have every right. Trump damn sure ain’t praying for none of us. This is the same man who said he doesn’t even have to ask God for forgiveness. But I’ll let these Christians keep doing the most to defend him.

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