Fat Joe Shades Chance the Rapper & Fans Clap Back

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: AJ Niles

As much love as Chance the Rapper received for wining multiple awards Sunday, not all artists were happy for him.

Fat Joe decided to head to Instagram to express his frustration with losing the Best Rap Song award to Chance. Clapback Season was in full effect as fans responded to the hate in the comments.

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  1. Fat Joe swears he does so much for Hip Hop it’s laughable and this is coming from a NYer. I’ve never been into his music. Anyway, he can stay bitter and mad.

  2. Notice how the two more successful rappers were actually happy for Chance and told him so. Happy and successful people don’t feel the need to hate.

    1. It is nothing is worse than a jealous dude frfr. Those are the types you have to cut out your circle because they’ll be out to get you the whole time while smiling in your face.

  3. Joe needs to stop being so catty and let Chance have his moment. It’s so strange to see men behave so catty on social media.

  4. I can feel everything yall saying but I really don’t know a song by Chance except that Kit Kat commercial..lol..All the way up…was a hot song but I’d have to take yall word for it..smh

  5. Chance’s album was one of my favorites last year behind Lemonade and A Seat At The Table. But I just hope he doesn’t fall for the tricky of the Grammys. Award him this year just to snub him terribly bad his next album. As always, they don’t like to award black artists outside of rap and urban categories.

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