NeNe Leakes Fires Back at the Current Housewives Amid Season Ten Rumors

The other day, TMZ reported that some of the RHOA stars were upset to learn that producers have been in talks with NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak about returning to peach holding status in season ten.

In fact, the unidentified housewives feel like they are busting their butts to bring the drama in season nine, and NeNe and Kim aren’t needed.

Interestingly enough, NeNe made it clear to TMZ while hanging out with Cynthia Bailey that she believes she will be the last one standing.

She says:

“Well that’s unfortunate because I started the show and they will be off the show before I will.

“Unfortunately honey, they will have to leave before me.”

NeNe’s comments are interesting considering some are suspecting that there will be some major firings after season nine wraps up.

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    1. I love Porsha but I have to admit I don’t think she’s going to be around next season unless she’s a friend to the housewives again.

  1. NeNe really needs to get a grip. The truth is RHOA didn’t start getting massive ratings until Kenya came on. NeNe may be the first but that doesn’t make her the most crucial to the show. Kenya is crucial to the show’s success. Without NeNe, the ratings are still good. She needs to step into reality.

    1. I don’t think NeNe is talking about Kenya. Kenya wouldn’t be insecure about anyone coming back and her and NeNe are actually good now and hang out in LA. This is most likely a response to Porsha and possibly Phaedra.

  2. I’ll always believe the show was better the first two seasons. The original cast had real chemistry because they were real friends. The show hasn’t been as good since.

  3. Hmm, if Cynthia is with her and Kandi says she’s cool with it, was it Porsha and Phaedra that told TMZ that? NeNe and Kenya are cool now (Kenya even said she would love for NeNe to return) and I know she’s not on good terms with Phae or Porsha.

    1. I think so. NeNe is cool with everyone else (Kandi, Kenya, Cynthia and Sheree). And all four have said publicly that they wouldn’t mind Kim and NeNe returning.

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