1. Now I’m no fan of Lisa but why is that it’s only her marriage people seem to care about so much? Dr. Jackie’s marriage is on the rocks but I don’t see the other ladies taking that much interest in it or telling her what she needs to do every second except Dr. Simone. So they can stop with this “we’re only sharing our opinions because we care and we’re your friends” crap. No, they are fake worried about Lisa’s marriage because they are messy!

  2. It does kind of seem like they are ganging up on Lisa. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got fired after the season. Especially after they already did the same thing to Mariah.

  3. Lisa can’t keep pretending her marriage is ok. It’s not. And it was really messed up how Darren kept telling everyone except her that he didn’t want another child. You know your marriage is trash if you can’t even be honest about not wanting any more kids.

  4. It’s amazing to me how many passes they give Heavenly. I think she’s the biggest bish on the cast. Yet they just laugh it off but she’s much worse than Lisa.

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