Cardi B Responds to Backlash for Attacking Asia

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cardi B got a lot of backlash for how she treated Asia at the reunion but she thinks people are overreacting.

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  1. She needs to go on somewhere with this bullsh-t. She is weak as f-ck for going at someone who didn’t even try to fight. What makes it worse is her sister was trying to get at Asia too. But sh-t that whole reunion was some weak sh-t.

  2. Cardi knows she was wrong. And with this being her last season, she should have been smarter and played her cards right. She actually has something to lose now. That’s why you won’t catch Remy showing out. She’s not about to fight on TV when she has hit singles and Grammy nominations. Get it together Cardi. You looked like and acted like a clown.

  3. No ma’am. You were wrong and there was nothing cute and acceptable about your behavior. Don’t let your stans gas you.

  4. It’s ok if she doesn’t mind Mona making money from her making a complete fool out of herself. But soon enough, she will realize this was a bad decision just like K Michelle eventually did. Yandy as well.

  5. I’m starting to see how insecure Cardi is. If she really thought what she did was ok, she wouldn’t keep defending it.

    1. I think she showed her insecure she is at the reunion. The real issue she had with Asia is she believed Asia was judging her for stripping. And Asia staying classy while she acted like an idiot didn’t help. She couldn’t take it.

  6. I think Cardi just started feeling herself a little too much. She started thinking she could do no wrong. But that’s not the case when you’re trying to have a serious career outside of reality television.

  7. I love me some Cardi but she had me thinking she was coked up or something she was way too turnt up. I cannot stand her sister either she make me sick because she try too hard being all extra.

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