Kandi Burruss Drags the LGBTQ Community into Her Beef with Porsha Williams

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss is taking things up a notch in her feud with Porsha Williams.

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  1. Kandi is such a weak b-tch. I can’t believe there was a point in time when I gave her goat sounding a-s a pass for being a boss. Now I realize that she’s just a bitter, resentful, miserable, ill-bred female like her evil mother. I cannot wait to see her a-s off the show.

    1. She’s trying to get Porsha dragged by the LGBTQ community and it’s not going to work. She wants Porha fired so bad it’s hilarious. Meanwhile Porsha is unbothered. That’s how you know who has the upper hand. LOL.

      1. If Porsha was so unbothered, would she have told all those lies about Kandi and Todd? I don’t think so. Trust me. She’s bothered.

      2. Exactly! The stans will say Porsha is lying and bothered, but she’s not the one crying, cussing and threatening to choke a b-tch next week….that would Mrs. Short & Stout herself. And as we all know, a hit dog will holler, or in Kandi’s case…..bleat!

  2. No, Kandi needs to apologize to the LGBTQ community for trying to use us to get the upper hand in some dumb beef with Porsha!!!!!!! How low can one be to use a community that is fighting against serious issues for personal gain?????!!!!!!!

  3. Kandi ain’t sh-t. She’s trying to rile up Andy and get Porsha kicked off the show. That’s some weak sh-t.

    1. That’s exactly what she’s trying to do. Or at least put her in the same position as Marlo. Friend of the show but never a housewife. Andy pretty much has banned Marlo from ever having a peach for using the f word.

  4. Shout out to that person on here who said Kandi is the most honest person on the show. I didn’t know honest people use real causes and people to do their dirty work. Yeah, that Kandi so damn real. Lmao.

  5. Sigh…really Kandi? It’s very clear Porsha isn’t the same person she was in that video. Besides, that video is old and it’s been discussed already. Kandi is really getting desperate.

  6. I’m not even a Porsha fan like that but what in the world does their childish spat have to do with the gay community? Porsha obviously hasn’t been a super Christian in years so she doesn’t still have the same views she had back then. Come up with something better Kandi.

    1. Isn’t Kandi the same one who always talks about everyone having a past and that the cast should stop trying to shame each other? So I guess that only works when it’s everybody else doing it….she gets a pass! I swear, I so loathe her this season.

  7. When you’ve been read for filth, I guess you have to go to the extreme and try to have people fired. This season is so lame.

  8. I mean Kandi is right about Porsha being a hypocrite but it really does seem like she’s trying to get her pushed off the show. This is getting interesting.

  9. Dang is it this serious? Kandi has always been a proud self proclaimed freak who would try anything once and she’s doing all of this?

  10. I think people are forgetting that this is bigger than the lesbian stuff. Porsha said Todd is cheating on Kandi and I’m sure that’s why Kandi is out for blood now. Porsha better be ready for the reunion.

    1. The one thing I know about Porsha is when she says there’s smoke they ALWAYS turns out to be fire. She called it with Kenya and that fake engagement ring she bought herself in Vegas, when it turned out that the Millionaire Matchmaker dude was married, and had been married for a while. She called it with Cynthia when she kept telling her about the waitresses at Bar None, then that video leaked and Papa Smurf was accused of cheating. And now she’s calling it with Marvin. Time will tell if she’s right but my money is on Porsha.

      1. Now you are sure right about this statement. She has called it and sure enough there has been truth behind all of it. I still think that mama Joyce was right about Todd. I would not be surprised if Todd has linked up with Carmen. Todd is a goood deflector when he is smack in the middle of things.

      2. This all da-n day! Todd got too da-n happy when they started discussing the 3-some at the Kandi factory. That’s why Kandi is so pressed

  11. I honestly think Kandi needs to think long and hard about if this is even worth it. She’s putting so much energy into this and I don’t really understand why. She’s talking about it way more than anyone else, including Porsha.

  12. Again, I don’t get all the Kandi hate. She literally did not come for Porsha first. Porsha interjected herself into Kandi’s issues with Phaedra when she really should not have. Kandi has every right to respond and defend her reputation and marriage. Y’all are bugging.

    1. No one told Kandi to make what Porsha said into such a big deal. She chose to do that and now it’s turned into something even bigger. That’s her fault. LOL.

      1. I think you’re seeing things you want to see Yeah I Said It! Remember, it was Phaedra who took the very first shot by taking jabs at Todd and insinuating that he has to get all his money from Phaedra.

        1. But remember why Phaedra started throwing the shade? She found out Kandi and Todd were hiding Apollo’s things at their house behind her back. She had every right to feel some kind of way too.

    2. Furthermore, she was asked about the video, she didn’t voluntarily speak about it.

      But like I said, I dang near quit commenting here because some of these…individuals can’t respect other’s opinions. Follow-the-leader a$$ chicks!

      1. I agree DomiMami. I learned to stop commenting here lonnnng time ago because when one person says something, mostly everyone piggy backs off the majority opinion on here so no one attacks their alternative opinion. It’s a trip sometimes, LOL

      2. I’m Anonymous @ 2:44 pm and I must say DomiMami and JazmineTea, you both sound very sensitive. There’s nothing anyone can type on here to make me not want to leave comments. I’m entitled to my opinion just like those who don’t share my views. I visit another forum frequented mainly by black women and they are the complete opposite and the majority of them are Kenya fans and they are overwhelmingly supporting Kandi on this. Those who are Team Porsha are in the minority but they don’t allow Kandi and Kenya supporters to run them off that forum. It’s not that deep. On different sites, you may see the majority leans in the opposite direction and that’s ok. I will always come here and leave comments because I will never give anyone so much power over me that they scare me from leaving comments. Sorry, but I’m grown lol. I also welcome being challenged on my opinions. I love a good debate. 🙂

  13. I don’t think what she said many moons ago has anything to do with how she is living her life now. Truth be told a lot of people years ago was anti-gay, anti-this or anti-that, but as time pass and communications had, people have a better understanding of what they may not have understood back in the day. In the bible it does teach that it is wrong to be gay, wrong to committ suicide, wrong to sell drugs etc, etc, etc. It does say that every life is worthy. So the tape is irrelevant to Porsha’s life now. If this is what she is talking about now and showing different, then we can claim hyprocracy. Kandi should have just said, no comment and kept walking.

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