1. Well keep in mind that one of the first things Pac said in Hit Em Up is he slept with Faith, and it’s still a classic. All Nicki has to do is come much harder.

      1. This is true. The ball is in Nicki’s hands. She can either stay true to Hip Hop and respond with a track of her own or take the L and keep talking about album sales.

    1. Honestly, Remy needs to get back in the studio as well. Now she can clown Nicki all she wants for various reasons but Nicki still has the career Remy wishes she had. I don’t believe for a second Remy is satisfied being on Love & Hip Hop and making flop albums with Fat Joe. She wants more for herself and this is the most relevance she’s ever had. If she doesn’t build off that and get away from Mona, it would be a huge waste.

  1. So where is Nicki’s new diss track? She had plenty of time to put together a decent response so what’s the hold up?

  2. I really hope Onika responds but people kill me acting like you gotta respond in two seconds to a diss! She needs to drop soon but make sure the response is official..Also why is Reminisce acting like she hasn’t had work done too?..

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