Evelyn Loazda Blocks Jennifer Williams’ Return to ‘Basketball Wives’

In a recent interview with the Bijou Star Show, Jennifer confirms that she was indeed in talks to return to BBW.

She says:

“So basically, I was in talks with the producers or I should say production to go back to ‘Basketball Wives.’ I talked to Tami…Tami has a new book out called ‘Mistress 101’ and she had a panel for it. She asked me to sit on the panel and they were filming it for ‘Basketball Wives.’ I love Tami and I adore her so I agreed to do the panel for her.

“Prior to me doing a panel, I was having a conversation with production in regards to me coming back and I said listen, I’m going to do the panel for Tami and we talked about basically…they were like come to the panel and we’ll talk about the specifics like compensation and all that good stuff. So I was like fine. On the strength of Tami, I’m going to go ahead and do this and we’re going to figure out the paperwork and everything after that.

“So I finished the panel. It went great and we were having conversations and the next thing our conversation just started going in a whole different direction and I was told one of the cast members did not want me back.”

When asked if that cast member was Evelyn, Jennifer says:

“Well that’s the thing. I’m definitely cool with Shaunie. Tami and I have a great relationship. You know, it’s funny because Tami and I were never really good friends when I was filming ‘Basketball Wives’ but our friendship has kind of developed outside of the show. Evelyn and I are definitely not friends. I don’t know why the new girls would say that. So I mean I don’t know…I guess you can kind of figure that out by yourself.”

If true, isn’t the first time Evelyn has told producers she would need certain folks fired before she could return to “Basketball Wives.” In fact, before it was confirmed that she would be returning, she said in an interview that she would only return if certain people were fired. While she didn’t name any names, several people have been fired from the show since, including Brandi Maxiell.

Check out the clip below:

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    1. Exactly when truth be told, she was only entertaining when she was going at someone else (ie. Tami, Royce, Jenn). She had her own show and it was boring.

    2. That’s what I don’t understand either. The original cast as a whole is what made the show what it was. They are tripping over at VH1. LOL.

  1. I would have liked to see Jenn come back but I’m not surprised Evelyn did this. Shaunie and Tami have convinced her that the show needs her so she is going to make demands.

  2. Now see this is how they f-cked up the show the first time. They started listening to Evelyn’s whiney a-s and firing people who didn’t need to be fired. They let Royce go because she wasn’t scared of Evelyn or Tami and then booted Jenn off because Evelyn decided to be a fake b-tch and get her removed from the show despite hugging her and crying with her at the reunion. Evelyn does not need to be making production decisions when her a-s ain’t even a producer.

  3. Evelyn is still a bratty coward I see. She can’t face anyone she’s crossed in the past because it’s a reminder that outside of getting a baseball player, not much has really changed when it comes to what kind of person she is.

  4. Strange that she’s still trying to punish Jenn for something that happened years ago. This is the same woman who keeps talking about how much she’s changed though.

  5. I thought Evelyn said they talked and have moved on. If that’s the case then there’s no reason she should have had a problem with Jenn coming back.

  6. Evelyn is really doing too much. It’s not like her and Jennifer were going to get in a fistfight or anything. They could have been cordial and kept it moving. It would have worked out. Now I’m salty.

  7. I think it’s pretty clear that Tami and Evelyn have a lot of clout as far as who stays and goes other than them. I don’t agree with it but hey, it is what it is. Obviously the network values them over the others. Even Shaunie doesn’t have as much clout as they do.

  8. Hey Evelyn, what would your life coach Iyanla think of you taking money out of people’s pockets by getting them fired and blocked from returning. S***, I would have loved to see Jennifer AND Royce back.

  9. I wish Evelyn would get over herself. The show could be so much better if she didn’t have a say so in who is hired and fired. Her biases have hurt the show so much over the years.

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