LHHNY Reunion Recap: Yandy’s Sister & Stylist Attack Samantha + Yandy Lies, Again

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The second part of the “Love and Hip Hop New York” reunion aired last night, and it was a continuation of physical confrontations, lies and explosive accusations.

Here’s the recap.

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    1. True but in a way, she just went back to showing her true colors like she did on season two. Since then, producers have been doing their best to make her seem like a decent person. I guess they no longer care because they haven’t thrown her a bone like they usually do.

  1. It’s so b-tchmade that Yandy can’t ever defend herself. And I can’t be the only one who noticed that as soon as Yandy stood up, she grabbed the security guy’s arm and pulled him closer to her so she could pretend she was being held back. She is such a punk.

  2. Yandy has always thrown rocks and hid her hands. It’s just what she does. I honestly don’t take her seriously anymore.

  3. Yandy is the same one who didn’t even think to tell her “husband” they weren’t legal married until she had no choice. She will lie to anyone about anything.

  4. A man should not be putting his hands on a woman ever! I’ve lost what little respect I had left for Yandy. I don’t ever want to hear her talk about how she empowers women ever again.

  5. I wish she would shut the hell up about her fake marriage. If the government doesn’t recognize your marriage, it ain’t real bish.

  6. Yandy completely embarrassed herself this season. If she was smart, she would have taken a break from the show since Mendeecees is locked up anyway and she claims she has so many income streams. And if she’s close to Mona, she knows she will always have a spot on the show if she wants it. This season has totally undone all the work and effort she put into having a respectable brand. She hustled backwards.

  7. I thought I was tripping when I saw a man try to jump on Samantha. Yandy and her little crew are all straight up trash for that.

  8. You mean to tell me Yandy’s sister is built like a damn linebacker and only managed to pull some damn hair? She didn’t even have the balls to square up and fight Samantha’s little a-s one on one with her big a-s?

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