LHHNY Reunion Recap: Yandy’s Sister & Stylist Attack Samantha + Yandy Lies, Again

Samantha and Erika think Yandy purposely planned for Samantha to be physically attacked.

Samantha and Yandy have a shouting match and security steps in to restrain them. Then Yandy’s sister Kiesha charges the stage while Samantha is being restrained and pulls her down by her weave. Yandy’s sister is then restrained by security. Then a man, rumored to be Yandy’s hair stylist (Bryant), charges the stages and hits Samantha while she’s restrained by security. He is then  taken away by security.

“Don’t come for my sister.” – Yandy’s sister Kiesha

Erika is convinced Yandy set up Samantha.

“All of this happened because Yandy is a f*cking liar.” – Erika

Everyone is removed from the stage except Yandy, Samantha and Erika for security reasons.

Producers show a mashup of the kids talking about how much they love each other. Yandy gets emotional and says they have a bond that the adults beefs can’t break.

However, Samantha wants to move past the sentimental stuff and talk about who attacked her from the audience.

“I just want to know, who came out from the audience and decided to hit me? Who did it? I just wanna know. Do you know, Yandy, who did?” – Samantha

Yandy shakes her head no.

“I didn’t even see it actually. When I asked what happened, they told me in the back.” – Yandy to Samantha

Producers then flashback to a scene of Yandy being held back by security while on stage and saying out loud that it was Keshia who ran up on the stage to attack Samantha. She clearly saw that it was her sister but when JuJu asked Yandy who ran on the stage, Yandy lies and says she doesn’t know.

Producers then confirm that both attackers are close to Yandy.

“You know, I just want to say this is pathetic. You act like you have so much love in your heart for these kids, but it came to a point where somebody physically touched Little Mendeecees’ mother. And you’re sitting her shaking your head like you don’t know who did it. She absolutely knows. I know for a fact she knows” – Erika to Yandy

Yandy decides to change the subject and get back to talking about the kids.

“If the focus is on the kids, let’s talk about the kids.” – Yandy

Samantha calls out Yandy for not being honest about knowing who attacked her and she believes Yandy planned for them to rush the stage and assault her. Yandy denies setting any of it up.

Yandy gets caught in yet another lie regarding Kimbella showing up Little Mendeecees’ party. She claimed that she didn’t know Kimbella was at the party until after the fact but producers end up playing audio of Kimbella calling Yandy and Judy to notify them that she made it to the party and was standing in the front of the building. It sounds like Kimbella’s appearance at the party was encouraged by Judy and Yandy.

After the audio ends, Nina tells Yandy it sounds like she knew ahead of time that Kimbella was going to the party and Yandy then admits that she did in fact know that Kimbella was going to the party ahead of time and not after the fact like she originally claimed.

Samantha says that at this point, Mendeecees will have to be the one to fix all of their issues because Yandy is unable to.

Yandy then tells Erika and Samantha that the real issue is Mendeecees doesn’t like them. She thens shows off her engagement ring. Samantha then questions where is the marriage license.

When Nina asked Yandy if she’s legally married to Mendeecees, Yandy says she’s married to Mendeecees even though it’s not legal.

“There is no piece of paper that is going to dictate how I feel about this man. So them saying my marriage is not legal doesn’t make me feel any less married.” – Yandy

Yandy then brags out securing bags for Mendeecees.

“I don’t know how y’all feel, but I secured the bag. And not only do I secure the bag, I protect the bag.” – Yandy

Yandy calls Erika and Samantha out for wanting child support.

They deny asking for child support and Erika then claims Mendeecees bought her an Audi the day after Yandy announced her pregnancy.

Backstage, Samantha’s mother Kim is heated about her daughter being attacked by Yandy’s people.

“You’re a punk a*s b*tch Yandy.” – Kim

Samantha feels like the situation shows that Yandy is not capable of fighting her own battles.

“She really needs people to fight her battles. She can’t fight her own battles. I better not see her even in the streets. She’s gonna have a problem with me.” – Samantha

Bianca has no regrets and Drewski proposes to Sky.

Bianca and Sky exchange words after Bianca confirms that she doesn’t regret trying to hook up with Drewski while he was in a relationship.

Bianca throws one dollar bills at Sky and Drewski gets down on one knee and proposes. Sky accepts and Bianca says she doesn’t care because she doesn’t want him.

Cardi B and Hennessy gang up on Major Galore.

DJ Self says MariahLynn and Major Galore are both the first ladies of Gwinning. When asked how he met Major, Cardi B claims she introduced them and they slept together. She claims they used to dance together but DJ Self denies ever sleeping with Major.

Self says he doesn’t understand why but Major and Cardi have beef.

Cardi denies having beef with Major and Major agrees because she says when she saw Cardi in a club not too long ago, she didn’t do anything. This rubs Cardi the wrong way and she and Hennessey charge towards Major. Self tries to protect Major before security stepped in and there’s still debate on if Self hit Hennessy or not. Cardi tried to get licks in but security tackled her and escorts Major off the stage.

Backstage, Cardi and Hennessy claim they have beef with Major because she was talking behind Cardi’s back while they danced at the same club.

Amina hasn’t made much progress.

Amina confirmed she still sleeps with Peter but it’s for her own personal satisfaction. It’s pretty clear to the rest of the cast that Amina is a lost cause.


What are your thoughts on the reunion?

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    1. True but in a way, she just went back to showing her true colors like she did on season two. Since then, producers have been doing their best to make her seem like a decent person. I guess they no longer care because they haven’t thrown her a bone like they usually do.

  1. It’s so b-tchmade that Yandy can’t ever defend herself. And I can’t be the only one who noticed that as soon as Yandy stood up, she grabbed the security guy’s arm and pulled him closer to her so she could pretend she was being held back. She is such a punk.

  2. Yandy has always thrown rocks and hid her hands. It’s just what she does. I honestly don’t take her seriously anymore.

  3. Yandy is the same one who didn’t even think to tell her “husband” they weren’t legal married until she had no choice. She will lie to anyone about anything.

  4. A man should not be putting his hands on a woman ever! I’ve lost what little respect I had left for Yandy. I don’t ever want to hear her talk about how she empowers women ever again.

  5. I wish she would shut the hell up about her fake marriage. If the government doesn’t recognize your marriage, it ain’t real bish.

  6. Yandy completely embarrassed herself this season. If she was smart, she would have taken a break from the show since Mendeecees is locked up anyway and she claims she has so many income streams. And if she’s close to Mona, she knows she will always have a spot on the show if she wants it. This season has totally undone all the work and effort she put into having a respectable brand. She hustled backwards.

  7. I thought I was tripping when I saw a man try to jump on Samantha. Yandy and her little crew are all straight up trash for that.

  8. You mean to tell me Yandy’s sister is built like a damn linebacker and only managed to pull some damn hair? She didn’t even have the balls to square up and fight Samantha’s little a-s one on one with her big a-s?

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