Yandy Smith Thinks Mona Scott Young Did Her Dirty?

If you’ve been keeping up with the current season of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” then you already know that Yandy Smith has been fighting with Mendeecees Harris’ other baby mamas the majority of the season.

And when it comes to the back and forth¬† she’s had with Erika DeShazo and Samantha Wallace, oftentimes their beef would spill over onto social media.

Now that the season has officially wrapped up, it appears Yandy has had some time to reflect and she feels like her mentor Mona Scott Young did everything possible to make her look bad.

Check out the screenshot below via The Shade Room:

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  1. I see she’s still being delusional. This ain’t on Mona. She’s the one who constantly tells lies and decided to settle down with a jailbird.

  2. Well, I can agree about part of the comment. I would not have said sh-t either. New Yorkers don’t snitch for nothing. They keep that sh-t loyal. For me I think that the storyline was grade school and played out too long for adults. I guess for me when i’m over with someone, I don’t give a da-n about who he with what we had and you could never get a rise out of me or to get me to talk about my past with an ex. Move on for me means move on. If I am in a relationship with someone, I would never feel a need to justify my position with his ex’s. It’s gone be about the kids or its not gone be about nothing.

    Yandy didn’t have to participate in the dumb sh-t.

  3. I think Mona has done a lot to keep Yandy’s birdish behavior on the low for a very long time. But at some point Samantha and Erika had to be given the chance to tell their side of the story as well. If Yandy has a problem putting her reality on TV than just maybe reality television is not for her.

  4. What’s the problem? Is she upset people are starting to realize she’s a fraud and not that classy business woman she wanted us to believe she was? If she had any common sense, she’d quit the show and get her personal life in order away from the cameras. But that makes too much sense. How is your net worth $15 million but you can’t even walk away from a reality show that has you out here looking dumb? That’s why I don’t believe her networth is that much. If it was, she would have left the show a long time ago. So since she needs the money, she better keep it cute with Mona and pretend she liked this comment by mistake.

  5. I’m not surprised she’s blaming this on Mona instead of taking responsibility for her immature actions. She loves to lie and deflect.

  6. No sis, you are the problem. Not Samantha. Not Erika. Not Mona but YOU. Don’t be mad the producers finally checked you for telling so many lies. You should have been called out a long time ago. Suck it up and deal with the criticism.

  7. Mona doesn’t have to look out for Yandy when Yandy got on TV and had a fake wedding. She didn’t even care to tell the network the marriage wasn’t legal until the last minute. That’s a bad look for VH1 and Mona so I wouldn’t go out my way to make her look good either after that.

  8. She’s only making things worse by telling even more lies and blaming everyone else for how she acted this season.

  9. Aww look, she took a break from blocking everyone who has been calling her out on Instagram to deflect and place blame on Mona for how dumb she looks. Typical Yandy.

  10. Nope. Just like Yandy’s stans don’t want to give Erika and Samantha a pass for showing their a-ses well Yandy shouldn’t get one either. The thing about editing is you can only work with what people give you. So blaming Mona isn’t going to work.

  11. This isn’t Mona’s fault. If Yandy would have stayed true to her women empowerment brand, then she wouldn’t be in the situation that she is in now. Instead, she would refuse to talk bad about Samantha and Erika and not call their children break babies on national television. She would try her hardest to help everyone make peace and if she couldn’t do that, she would be against putting their issues on the show. But she decided she was ok with all of this drama being her storyline because she just knew VH1 would have her back. Now she sees that they don’t and she wants to blame them for the disaster that her been this entire season. She should have never agreed to doing the season to be completely honest. It wasn’t a smart move on her part. Especially since she has so many skeletons in her closet.

  12. Yandy is just mad more and more people are starting to realize how much of a fraud she is. It was all good when most people were siding with her though. Mona wasn’t making her look bad then right?

  13. I really wonder what Chrissy is thinking about all of this. Yandy was really trying to shade her and Jim for not being married and in a way, Yandy is getting her karma now because she was really exposed this season.

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