Is Mariah Carey Getting Ready to Be Dropped by Her Record Label?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mariah Carey’s career has taken a lot of hits, and her New Year’s performance appeared to be the biggest controversy she’s had in years.

Despite the drama, the singer is determined to get back on track.

But rumor has it that her label may be just days away from dropping her.

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  1. Mariah’s issue is her manager. Mariah is a legend so why did they have her do a reality show anyway? Her manager just makes terrible decisions and I don’t know why Mariah just won’t fire her.

  2. She’s a legend but she needs to get her act together. She needs a new manager but she also need to calm it down some. She went from being sort of a mysterious diva to sharing way too much. So no more reality shows and back to making classics and she should be good.

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