VH1 Wants to Capitalize on TI and Tiny’s Marital Problems?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: AJ Niles

T.I.’s and Tiny’s reality show received new life. However, the show may take not be as positive as T.I. likes.

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  1. It’s clear now that they are not divorcing so what relationship drama does Vh1 think they are going to film? TI will walk away from the show completely before he lets the cameras film anything contrary to the fake image they have always put out on the show.

  2. TI is not going to let this sh-t even go down that way. They may as well cancel this sh-t and call it a damn day.

  3. They need to just let this show go. I dislike that they’re so adamant about a positive family image on tv, yet depict everything except that on social media. The gig is up. If they stay together with continued infidelity, fine. But no one cares about this facade anymore.

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