1. Now this sh-t is getting lame as f-ck. She should have stopped at Shether. This was straight up a-s.

  2. I see what Remy was trying to do but she’s not Drake. So this just makes her look very thirsty for more attention.

  3. Nine times out of ten she had this recorded already and ready to go just in case Nicki did respond. But since Nicki didn’t respond, she just went ahead and dropped it. It’s trash though.

  4. Smh the internet should’ve never hyped shETHER. Got this mf here thinking she’s the queen of rap. C’mon son. The only reason shETHER got buzz is because of how low below the belt she hit. Neither track was well executed, and that’s the advantage Nicki has on her – delivery. Idk how it’ll happen but I hope Nicki comes out on top with this one.

      1. Yes, delivery. Remy sounds horrible rapping on both tracks. Again, the ONLY reason shETHER got as much hype as it did is because of the content. We can agree to disagree tho, because I saw your other post and this isn’t a debate I’m willing to have. I’m not even a fan of Nicki but I can call a spade a spade.

        1. No debate D.Val..I’m not a fan of either..truth be told I’m still in the Lil kim,Mclyte, Latifah era…but I really don’t see how Nicki’s delivery is any better..her voice is annoying as fuk when she’s doing that animated gimmick..she sounds better singing..but old well…back to the 90’s I go..a majority of the sh-t out now makes no sense..have a blessed weekend.

          1. I can TOTALLY agree with you there as far as the older era. Nicki’s delivery is better in my opinion because her flow is cohesive with the track. She never sounds rushed or delayed. I despised Nicki earlier on in her career for the animated gimmicks, but I think she’s toned it down considerably and would be more likely to drop a diss track that got play on the radio and in clubs; similar to Back to Back. I’d be surprised to ever hear anyone rap the lyrics to shETHER or Another One. Not gonna happen…

  5. Meanwhile Nicki is looking fly in Paris being paid to be at Fashion Week. If you still have to use Nicki’s name to get buzz, then that means she’s still the Queen of Rap.

  6. Boring. We get it. Remy won. So there’s no need to keep it going when Nicki is not even going to entertain her. LOL.

  7. She’s claiming she has texts and videos…the hell? Now Remy seems obsessed and bitter as hell. She’s doing way too much.

  8. Drake released two diss tracks for Meek because his first one sucked. Remy’s first one was so good she didn’t have to say anything else. I don’t understand why she released this. This is terrible.

  9. But when she was coming at Miley and Mariah she was so fukn tough, now it’s poor Nicki..again fuk Nicki..no sympathy here..boomerang effect

  10. Sometimes you have to stop while you’re ahead. Remy should have just dropped Shether and continued to coast off the success. Most people declared her the winner from that alone. Then she could have dropped a solo album and possibly pulled in decent numbers. Now she looks pressed because she dropped another track when Nicki didn’t even respond to the first one. Drake was able to do this because he has a solid fan base and his first diss track to Meek wasn’t any good. Remy’s was good. This isn’t and then to make matters even more worse, she’s on Instagram posting and deleting pre surgery pictures of Nicki when no one cares. We already knew Nicki got a lot of surgery. We don’t care. Remy went from being a champion to looking really, really pressed in just a matter of days.

  11. Not feeling this one. I wouldn’t count Remy out just cause of this though. At the end of the day she can still destroy Nicki in a rap battle.

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