Shereé Whitfield Calls out Porsha Williams

Kandi and Porsha are at odds this season over alleged transgressions in their bedrooms. It’s definitely getting messy.

Opinions have come in from multiple places, even NeNe weighed in, calling the ladies “thirsty” for a story line.

Well, Shereé Whitfield threw in her two cents, further stirring the pot.

Here’s what the “Bone Collector” said about Kandi and Porsha’s confrontation via her Bravo blog:

It just went to a whole other level, but I’m glad they both had the opportunity to speak to each other without anyone else adding their two cents. It was time for them to air their grievances. But who knew the topics would go so low and be so dirty!

It is sad, but unfortunately Porsha only has herself to blame, yet again. She pointed the finger at me during our camping trip and now she is trying to shift the blame of this mess on to Kandi. It appears to me that Porsha’s M.O. is to justify her actions based on those of others, and although, yes, I have been witness to times where Porsha has been provoked, there comes a time when you have to become a woman and take ownership of your words and actions.


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  1. I can’t even take Sheree seriously. She’s had a hand in just about all the messiness this season but she’s calling Porsha out. LOL.

    1. This is a case of Sheree desperately needing to take her own advice. Cause every time folks point out her messiness she lies and says she just want a the women to be upfront with each other. No Boo, you’ve got a house to pay for and a story line to keep. The producers told you to start jumping and you asked how high. Let’s not play dumb!

  2. When you’ve been stirring the pot all season, it’s probably best not to bring so much attention to your pot stirring.

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