Porsha Williams Fires Back at Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore & Cynthia Bailey

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams took to Instagram Live last night to give her thoughts on last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

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  1. She’s right though but people don’t want to admit that. All these girls have accused each other of doing the worst but now it’s a problem? NOW? Oh please. I see right through them. They are just trying to get Porsha kicked off the show.

  2. Exactly to EVERYTHING Porsha said. Nobody had receipts when Kenya and Claudia accused her of sleeping with a Nigerian for bags and shoes but everybody ran with the rumor. They can keep calling her dumb, a thot, a b-tch, etc and none of the women have her back but now she’s saying what she heard…..it’s a problem.

  3. She has been right on some things. Peter did cheat, Kenya does fake her relationships. And it’s also not hard to believe Todd may be cheating too.

    1. Remember Mama Joyce said Todd is a cheater and she got it fromt the streets. Kenya should have kept all the way quiet. It seemed like she could not wait to get the gossip from Kandi cry baby a-s. TV One did do the unsigned episode when they brought up that Kandi slept around and the break up of the group. Before TV One that was the buzz around ATL.

  4. Porsha said a lot of things I agree with but it’s obvious they are trying to make her the bad guy this season. She’s even taking the fall for Phaedra which makes no sense.

  5. I’m so glad she brought up the Xscape situation. Kandi is really trying it. A lot of what Porsha said has been said a lot over the years by a lot of people.

    1. I think it’s because she is “Izz married now” situation and she does not want to be looked at as being “Once upon a time not long ago, I was a hoe and I’m admitting it” so it just keeps her emotions boiled because she wants to be looked at a good girl.

  6. I agree that everyone is siding with Kandi. I can’t understand why Phaedra won’t speak up for Porsha. If I had a silent friend like Phaedra that would definitely be a problem. Porsha can hold her own, but when you have 3 or 4 people attacking you at one time, you can’t win. Kenya, and Kandi cant hide their jealousy of Porsha. NeNe couldn’t have said it better about Cynthia, she is the original flip flopper. Sheree, bless her heart, she will do ANYTHING to keep her peach. My biggest problem is with Phaedra! I don’t understand why she won’t defend Porsha, and allow her to take the blame for something she said. Also, why does she keep inviting Porsha to participate with these activities and allowing her to be attacked, and not say anything. I realize they have to participate in group activities, but sometimes some of the ladies don’t participate in every group setting. I kind of side-eyeing Phaedra, is she part of the get Porsha fired group? Things that make you go hmm!! Team Porsha.

  7. Porsha is messy as f-ck this season and I’m here for it. She’s calling everybody out on their sh-t and I can’t be mad at that sh-t.

  8. Y’all are really doing everything possible to defend Poorsha. Why? She’s a liar and Kandi has every right to point that fact out!

    1. you are funny how you spell Porsha’s name as poorsha when she is collecting her checks. Kenthia on the other hand, well she is not quite there yet. Oh yeah wait, she did get the hair thing finally on shelves but where are all the rest of her opportunities…crickets while she wait with Sherae.

  9. Porsha is a FAKE AZZ THOT that can’t admit to the world that she is BI…. JUST LIKE KANDI, so she is doing the Trump Thing called bait and switch, Make lies up on Kandi so she doesn’t have to address her true BI LIFE. Porsha is a BLACK TRUMP ALL LIES KAKE NEWS!!!!! TEAM KANDI
    Freak and Fake are desperately looking for a storyline this year….and LIES ARE IT!

  10. Kandi is a hypocrite….how is she trying to make lil digs about Porsha or Phaedra’s hoe tendencies wgen she has always been a hoe and Cynthia is just finding out who the hell she is. Kenya and Sheree are just trying to
    Get in front of the damn camera and so is Mama Joyce thirsty ole a-s! Somebody give that old messy hoe a water pill! LMAO!! I can’t wait till NeNe and Kim get back!!

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