The Quad Recap: Eva Feels Powerless as Sydney’s Attacker Gets Protection

Sydney and her rapist give their accounts of what happened that night.

A flashback is shown of Sydney being raped and not too long after, Eva tells Sydney she needs to know what happened that night.

At the same time her rapist is being asked what happened by Coach Hardwick.

Sydney begins telling Eva how everything transpired that night at the Sigma house party. She shows up the party and is greeted by a Sigma she knows. They kiss after he lectures her about not being able to hold her liquor. After he points out how easy it was for her to kiss him without drinking, she gets frustrated and walks away.

She goes to the majority of where the party-goers are and makes a drink. The quarterback calls her out for not speaking and give her his drink after she spills hers. He starts feeling up on her until the Sigma, Miles, comes by and pulls her away to dance.

After they finish dancing, she goes back to the QB, Terrence, and asks him to dance. However, it’s Miles who she’s really interested in.

Terrence tells the coach Sydney was all over him and he offered to walk home with her. He also says she wasn’t drunk, just tipsy.

They kiss as he walks her home. He tells the coach she was down for whatever. He says they ended up in the bush and have consensual s*x.

Sydney tells Eva she was raped and she didn’t want to do it.

BoJohn is confronted by his past.

BoJohn is approached by a campus journalist, Tiesha, who questions him about choking his high school coach after he put a player on blast for being gay. She wonders if BoJohn was romantically involved with the player but he angrily walks off.

Sydney has an uncomfortable doctor’s visit.

Sydney gets a check up with Eva in the room. After Eva appears to be uncomfortable by some the questions the doctor asks Sydney, Sydney asks her to leave.

Coach Hardwick saves Terrence.

The football team has a press conference about their upcoming game and Tiesha asks Terrence about the accusations. Coach checks her and says they are only discussing the game.

Sydney moves out of her dorm into the President’s house.

With the situation causing so much controversy on campus, Eva thinks its best for Syndey to move in with her. Madison is saddened by this but still wants to be a support system for Sydney.

However, Sydney brushes her off.

Tiesha tries to make things right with BoJohn.

Tiesha comes by to BoJohn’s to apologize for being extreme. She asks him to tell her what happened while he was on the high school team and she will keep it to herself.

Turns out he was just trying to keep the coach from assaulting the gay player and his first thought was to grab him by the throat to restrain him. He felt strongly about it because he his dad is abusive.

Eva wants Terrence to pay for what he’s done but she can’t get the faculty behind her.

Eva demands that Terrence is kicked out of school and placed in jail. However, the rest of the staff doesn’t seem to agree and feels things have to be done via protocol.

“It’s improper to do something for your daughter that wouldn’t be done for other students.” – Carlton

In a flashback scene, Eva is at the park with Sydney and gets into an argument on the phone with her husband after he tells her he’s coming home late because he’s going to have drinks with coworkers. She calls him out for not being around for Sydney more and then tells him she didn’t even want to have kids. Sydney overheard her.

Eva learns from police that Terrence has been accused of rape before but the woman dropped her claims and they aren’t sure why.

BoJohn develops a crush on Tiesha.

Bo is romantically interested in Tiesha, but a friend tells him that Terrence has been sleeping with her since freshman year.

Eva confronts Coach Hardwick and Sydney learns Twitter is a cruel place.

Eva confronts the coach for recruiting Terrence despite knowing he had been accused of rape. He tells her that he has daughters, and it’s not like that but he believes Terrence deserves a chance to prove his innocence if he’s innocent.

Sydney read tweets about herself on Twitter and most people seem to think she’s lying. She breaks down after Madison comes by to see her.


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  1. It’s sad that this is unfortunately a common thing in our society. I really hope Sydney get’s justice.

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