Nicki Minaj Claps Back at Remy Ma & Rules iTunes Charts + ShETHER Suffers Major Setback

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By: AJ Niles

Nicki Minaj released three songs late last night and spared no punches. She responded to Remy Ma’s recent diss tracks and dedicated a song to her break up of Meek Mill.

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  1. I like all three songs but I’ll say Remy won the rap beef. But at the end of the day, Nicki will still be more successful.

    1. Facts. Nicki will still be successful when it’s all said and done. If Kim couldn’t stop Nicki, are we really supposed to believe Remy will? It’s not going to happen.

  2. Nicki won from the simple fact that she used actual facts and her joints will actually play on the radio and clubs. She’s just smarter than Remy. I know Nicki haters won’t like this comment but oh well.

  3. I’m gonna give Remy the edge but Nicki will be just fine as iTunes is already showing. Remy can’t ruin her. Sorry.

  4. Lady Luck is hilarious. What’s interesting to me is that people think Remy woke up and went in the studio and just recorded and that was it. Then they expected Nicki to wake up, hear the song, start writing and respond within 24 hours. It Remy 2-3 weeks to write, rehearse and record in whatever order. Therefore, if the responder is smart they too would dissect the song, prepare the answer and record as well all which will take 2-3 weeks.

  5. I think Remy should have left things along. Lil Kim tried it too and that didn’t work so lesson’s learned.

  6. The problem is Remy has voluntarily placed herself in Nicki’s shadow. She can’t get an interview now unless she talks about Nicki. That is ultimately why I can’t say she won.

  7. People don’t want to admit it but Nicki outsmarted Remy. Remy can’t even perform Shether. Now her new songs are doing well and she’s going to keep running the radio. From a PR perspective, this beef was a waste of time for Remy. It hasn’t helpe she album sales and now people are only interested in her when she discusses Nicki. You can’t win as an artist that way.

  8. I am still not impressed by anything Remy has done. To me her flow is weak and she has never blown me away. And to be real, she is jealous of Nicki and that’s the real reason for Shether. Hate on Nicki if you want but she for where she is today because she’s strategic. Remy is not.

  9. It’s sad it even had to come down to this. Nicki never had an issue with Remy. She even wanted to do a song with Remy and Fox but Remy said no because she doesn’t like Foxy. But somehow Remy was able to spin this into Nicki hating on her and not supporting other female rappers. That Gucci song was about Azealia but Remy decided to let Papoose gas her and go after Nicki since she’s always been jealous anyway. She can release as many diss tracks as she wants but Nicki will keep winning. Cry, piss, moan, hate on Twitter…it won’t change anything. She’s blessed and it’s not her fault your favorite female rapper never reached her level of success. Do something with that misdirected anger. Stop hating on Nicki and actually support who you do like with your coins. With all these new fans Remy has, there’s no reason she should still be flopping.

  10. I really like Regret In Your Tears. Anyway people were going to say Nicki lost no matter what she put out. They don’t like her and haven’t liked her for years because many of them are Lil Kim stans. But as long as the barbs keep supporting Nicki, there’s not much anyone can do to end her. Rap battles don’t mean much anymore. Jay lost to Nas but ended up having the better career. Life is funny that way.

  11. Shether is better but Nicki ain’t going nowhere and none of this is going to help Remy’s career. From now on when she tries to book interviews, she will have to talk about Nicki. If I was a female rapper, that would hurt my pride more than anything else.

  12. I’m satisfied with the outcome of this. Not necessarily a fan of Nicki’s tracks BUT the proof is in the pudding. Remy was so eager to beef but wasn’t smart enough to calculate her moves. And now??? *shrug* Nicki worked smarter, not harder.

  13. I mean we’ve been here with Nicki before. I remember when Kim dropped Black Friday. Everyone swore up and down that would be it for Nicki and Nicki just went on to be even more successful. Meanwhile Kim really started to struggle. This is just a repeat of that. Kim won. Remy won but long term Nicki just becomes more successful. Her fans are loyal.

  14. Remy is a bigger hater than she’s accusing Nicki of being. She’s not smart and her husband has steered her into the wrong direction. Now watch Cardi B blow up and end up what Remy could have been if she was smarter. If Nicki and Cardi collab gagging.

    1. I think strategically if you want to be successful, Will Smith said it best, you got to be able to get in the homes of the kids especially the white kids. They will be your loyal fans and they will keep your pockets full. The barbs has successfully done that by getting in the homes of youngsters and is able to stay there. Her fans are loyal and they aren’t going no where. They are like the Bey hive fans.

  15. Nicki’s songs, including the Remy response will get played for years, not just one week…well played.

  16. Both rappers have a different voice and way of flowing and that is what makes Nicki sooooo unique. You will never have to figure out who she is when you hear her record. Remy has a hard voice and a harder flow. So when you have 2 different flows one will sound weaker than the other. It is the words however that you are addressing and for me, I think Nicki addressed them. I think she heard the song, dissected Remy’s vs. and responded to each of them in order. She did it strategically and at the end, she won. Battles are not going to be like they were years ago so people should just let that go. I hate to say it to say it but it’s like the episode on Empire. Freda Gatz had the better vs but Hakeem had the better show, money and fanbase. Remy may have stepped in a territory too soon because she doesn’t have the same type of fanbase. She just isn’t there yet.

  17. Oddly enough I never liked Nicki until Remy came for her. I honestly don’t like it when people gang up on one person. It’s like everyone wants her to fall off so bad and that doesn’t sit well with me. I’ve never been the jealous girl growing up and I’m not about to support one now. And it doesn’t take a genius to see Remy has been coming for Nicki for years. She was even rapping about her and taking shots at her in prison. So Team Nicki I guess.

  18. Rap beefs are entertaining but what do they really give artists besides bragging rights? I think Remy should put more of her focus into her actual music and not just dissing Nicki. Cause at the end of the day, none of this is going to stop Nicki’s coins or success. Her fans really don’t care. Remy needs to focus on herself and making a name for herself outside of all of this because her little “Remy Mafia” ain’t buying her music. They need to do more than hyping her up on Twitter and Instagram.

    1. If thinking this helps you sleep better at night, great. But the question is, why aren’t you Nicki haters, I mean Remy fans, buying her music? What’s your excuse?

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