Watch: Porsha & Kandi Attempt to Talk Things Out Again + It Goes Nowhere

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Believe it or not, the group manages to convince Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams to once again talk out their issues after their last two attempts were a disaster.

And of course, things once again go nowhere.

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  1. Producers don’t want them to squash it. This beef has been helping ratings so I’m sure it will spill over into the reunion.

    1. Really? The way people have been talking about how trashy the season has been I thought the ratings may be diving.

    2. Well if the ratings are up, that just means things will only get more messy from here. Especially when you’re dealing with Carlos King.

  2. Kandi is really going to act like she didn’t come for Porsha first? Don’t talk about how supportive you were for someone if that didn’t matter to you when you came for them first.

      1. I’m lost at how people can defend Porsha lying self!!! Kandi never ever told sheree Porsha slept with block! She said she was surprised at how block wanted a relationship with their daughter after all this time when he’s said nothing but I’ll things of Kandi, she even said Porsha told me how he would be talking ish about me, sheree then said how does block know? Kandi said they use to hangout,sheree was the one who went back and told Porsha oh u had s-x with block?

        Now it’s payback for what Kandi momma has said??? I always felt Kandi needed to keep her mom on a tight leash, and her mom use to say some outlandish things but to blame Kandi is weird, as far as Kandi putting Phaedra on blast about who she was talking to b4 Apollo went to jail, she was tired of Phaedras phony fake facade, smiling in her face n talking ish behind her back to other friends, crying to nene n Porsha about how Difficult a time she was having but telling Kandi I can’t wait for Apollo to go like t.f Phaedra shady as fawk and she was doing the most in front of Porsha fake bf

  3. Kandi should have remembered how supportive she was to Porsha before she started all of this. The truth is she starting taking digs at Porsha when her and Phaedra fell out. She even said she felt like Porsha should have sided with her over Phaedra because she’s done so much for her. When Porsha chose to keep riding with Phaedra, Kandi decided to take her anger out on Porsha and Porsha responded. And that is really how they got here.

  4. Kandi is 100% right and that’s why a lot of people don’t understand why Porsha is being so loyal to Phaedra. Phaedra has never supported Porsha as much as Kandi has. Even now Phaedra refuses to defend her so called friend now and that should say it all to Porsha but she still can’t put two and two together.

    1. Right! I don’t understand how anyone can be mad at Kandi. She literally did nothing to Porsha and Porsha came for her because she was trying to hard to have Phaedra’s back. But it’s been crickets for Phaedra. *giggles*

  5. Did it ever occur to Kandi that just maybe Porsha didn’t want the whole world to know she slept with Block? If she didn’t, she took Kandi telling her business as a jab, so she returned the jab with a few of her own. The thing about Kandi is she never acknowledges her own messiness. But then when the tables are turned, she wants to cry and be a victim.

  6. All of this could have been prevented if Kandi would have directed her anger to the right person from jump: Phaedra. Phaedra spilled the tea and Porsha added her two cents like they all do when tea is spilled. That’s why I’m so annoyed. They all do the same thing. They all have slandered each other, spilled each other’s tea and been absolutely messy for our entertainment. None of them have clean hands. So this whole gang up on Porsha thing is beyond wack to me.

    1. Yeah that’s my thing. How do you decide to just throw someone’s s-x life out there but get mad when they return the favor? Kandi needs to stop it with the innocent act.

  7. Now Kandi is trying to guilt trip Porsha. If you have to keep a record for all the things you have done for someone, did you really do those things from the heart?

  8. Y’all are jumping through hoops now to defend Porsha. It’s ok to admit she was wrong and Kandi has a right to feel some type of way because she really has done a lot for Porsha since she came on the show. She didn’t deserve any of this. Porsha is doing the absolute most to keep Phaedra happy but she really chose the wrong team. I’d choose Kandi over Phaedra any day because at least Kandi can be trusted.

  9. Not Kenya stans calling people out for defending Porsha when they are only Team Kandi because they don’t like Porsha. LOL.

  10. Are you really a friend if you’re keeping score? And last time I checked Porsha auditioned on her own and won the role, Kandi didn’t give it to her outright…so in my book that is a business decision, nothing to do with friendship. Kandi just wanted all the women to side with her against Phaedra and when that didn’t happen she went after Porsha.

  11. I’m honestly over this storyline. Unfortunately I know they will make this the focus of the reunion.

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