Watch: Neffe & Soullow’s Marriage is on the Rocks + Iyanla Checks Neffe

Iyanla: Fix My Life,” returns in April, and by looking at the preview for the season premiere, it’s as messy as ever.

In a two-part season premiere, Iyanla travels to Atlanta to visit former reality stars Neffeteria “Neffe” Pugh and Shelby “Soullow” Lowery, who are now living in a hotel on the brink of divorce. Overwhelmed by financial obligations, his troubled marriage and recovering from a heart attack, Iyanla helps Shelby find the courage to confront Neffe about her alcohol abuse and combative ways in hopes of building a solid future for their family.

In a clip from the season premiere, Neffie and Iyanla appear to clash from the beginning. At one point, Iyanla says Neffie is a “nasty, vile gutter snake, right up out the hood.”

Check out the clip below and catch the premiere Saturday, April 15 at 9PM/8PM CST.

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  1. Neffee know she have a drinking problem. Once she starts down that path, she is a devil to deal with. Her sister tried to help her with her issues.

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