The Quad Recap: Things Get Scary for Cecil + Terrence Has a Request for Madison

Cecil has a drink with other band directors days before Battle of the Bands.

Cecil knocks back a few drinks and shares some funny stories with the other band directors at a bar. The camaraderie seems strong and they talk about how 50% of the prize money goes towards a scholarship while the other half goes to the band.

They all bet on which band will take first place and place their money on the table.

Later that night, Cecil looks at old photos of his father and sister, and later gets motivated to write a song, “My Sister’s Blues.”

Eva’s lawyer updates her on the divorce.

Eva’s husband wants $20,000 a month in spousal support. She is furious and doesn’t want to pay him that kind of money and her lawyer warns her that things are going to get really ugly.

Coach Hardwick points out the tension with Eva and tells her about a huge opportunity.

Even though Eva isn’t really speaking to Coach Eugene Hardwick, when he tells her someone wants to do a TV program with the football team for $10 million, she’s willing to now clear her very busy calendar.

Cecil meets with his little sister and asks for a favor.

He wants her to come to the Battle of the Bands because the song he wrote is inspired by her.

“I should have come back for you. And now is all we got. Come if you can.” – Cecil to his sister

Terrence confronts Madison.

Terrence sees Madison on campus and he tells her he didn’t rape Sydney.

“I didn’t rape your friend. We both know what we were doing.” – Terrence to Madison

Madison goes off on him and he urges her to watch the video because there’s proof that it isn’t rape.

“Go back and watch the video. I never heard of anybody getting raped and smiling once it’s over.” – Terrence

Madison later watches the video and seems very upset by what she sees. She calls Sydney and tells her she has her back no matter what happened that night.

BoJohn’s father comes to campus to start trouble.

BoJohn agreed to go to breakfast and meet with a scout with his father the next day, but his father and mother arrive to his dorm a day early. They find him playing a game with Tiesha and another friend.

After BoJohn tells his father he doesn’t want to meet the scout, his father grabs him and threatens him. BoJohn snaps and slams him against the wall, only to be punched in the face by his father seconds after.

His friends break up the scuffle and his parents leave.

Noni gets a warning.

While practicing for the Battle of the Bands, the drum major, Danny tells her that he knows she set up his fight with the football player. He plans on humbling her after the Battle of the Bands.

After practice ends, Noni sees that the session was being recorded.

Eva’s back is up against the wall.

During divorce negotiations, her husband’s lawyer makes it known that he’s not backing down off $20,000 a month for spousal support. If she doesn’t agree to it, the state of Georgia will investigate her spending habits.

She still refuses and confirms she was her husband’s side chick while he was in a serious relationship in college. They only ended up together after he learned she was pregnant.

Noni gets an offer.

While staying behind to keep practicing, the band director for Southwestern Delta approaches her and tells her he will give her a full ride to his school if she gives him the chart to the song she’s practicing. She turns him down and leaves.

Eva and Coach Hardwick get the $10 million contract but there’s a catch.

Even though they got the contract, they want Terrence kicked off the team and they want exclusive rights. Coach Hardwick is not happy with these requests.

Cecil’s sister makes it to the Battle of the Bands, but things still go very bad.

Not only does Cecil’s sister actually show up but she brings their father with them. Cecil is not happy about it.

While having a pep talk with the band minutes before they perform, he realizes the song they are playing is the one he wrote about his sister.

Turns out Southwestern Delta stole his song.

Cecil confronts Danny, placing the blame on him. Danny decides to walk off. However, before he leaves, Noni looks at him and flips him the bird. He runs up on and snatches her saxophone and slams it on the ground, breaking it.

Thanks to quick thinking, Cecil changes up the song and requests they play “Before I Let Go” instead.

During the performance, Cecil gets weak and falls off, landing on his back unconscious.


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