Tara Wallace Responds to Pregnancy Rumors + Feels the Gossip is Disrespectful

In a recent interview with VH1, Tara responded to the pregnancy speculation. Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

What was your response to people saying that you were pregnant again during the off season?

It’s happening right now, I wore my favorite Bob Marley T-shirt [on Instagram] and next thing you know I’m on Media Take Out and they’re saying, “It can’t be much longer.” It’s like, geez, guys, how many babies can I have in one year? I think it’s just a story that the media wants to run with. Like, it’s a slow news day, let’s just [report] that Tara’s pregnant because she hasn’t lost all her baby weight. There are so many women who struggle with this issue. You have to give a compliment where it’s due, and Amina can pop out a baby and the next day, her body is the same. We all want that but every woman isn’t like that and that’s a good thing.

Women need to be okay if that doesn’t happen, that’s just not their body type. It is okay to have to take your time and it’s okay to have your little pouch. Let me tell you, I was really stressed out, trying to work out and get back in shape because we were going to start filming [Love & Hip Hop] and I didn’t want to be fat and it just wasn’t going anywhere. I was hungry, I was nursing, it was just too much. My back started going out, and I was like, I’m not going to kill myself for a flat stomach, I just have to wait. I’m always heavy when I’m nursing and I’m going to be heavy during this one too. I post pictures, I don’t try and hide it. I use my regular camera and my regular apps, I don’t filter that. I’m a regular woman and this is real life and that’s okay.

I don’t like to talk about Peter but even he said to me, “People body bashing you is just so disgusting to me because you have three children and I think you look really good and I hope that, that’s not affecting you or you believe that because you look really good.” And I appreciate that, so thank you.

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  1. Considering her history, she should kind of understand why people weren’t giving her the benefit of the doubt. Just saying.

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