Cardi B Calls out Black Men for Putting Down Black Women over Dating Preferences

DJ Vlad released another portion of an interview with Cardi B. At the 5:50 mark of the clip, DJ Vlad asks Cardi B If she really feels that dark-skinned girls aren’t praised by society. Cardi stood by her statement.

Yes, it’s true. Have you ever been to a strip club in New York. It’s kind of sad. Do you know that right now in the strip club in NY, the bartenders are the new thing right now? And if you notice, they don’t even hire black bartenders anymore in New York City strip clubs, which is sad.

DJ Vlad then asks why she thought it was this way and Cardi responds:

“I feel like people having these fetishes with these girls they consider ‘exotic,’ you know?”

Later on, Cardi went into why black guys putting down black women due to complexion shouldn’t happen. She feels just because you have a preference, you don’t have the right to put down people that aren’t your type.

It’s just sad. I don’t know what it is… I have dated guys and they’re black and they say ‘I don’t date black girls.’ And it’s like I tell them, ‘but you’re black and your mom’s black. You don’t think that’s weird?’ Then they’ll tell me, ‘Well you don’t date Spanish guys, right?’ And I say, ‘No, no I don’t.’ …It’s a preference thing, I have a preference.

I guess I like… First things first, I like a dark complexion. And it seem like every dark guy I like, an African-American or Jamaican… I don’t like to date anyone similar to me. I want to date someone different from me… I want something new to me. I’d probably date a white person but I’m not attracted to light skin.

You can have your own preference… but don’t ever feel like someone is better than some one. For example, If a black guy says they don’t like black girls because that’s not their preference, that’s okay. But don’t ever make it seem like I don’t like black girls because light skin girls look better. Don’t ever be on some somebody look better than somebody else because of skin complexion.

I’m not going to make a light skin guy feel like they less than a dark skin guy because of what I like… Make them feel like they less beautiful than what I like. Don’t make nobody feel they less beautiful than somebody else.

Check out the full clip below.

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  1. I respect her for saying this. It’s so sad to see some of the garbage black men type up about us on the internet everyday. I’m blessed to have a husband who happens to be a good black man because it’s really scary how so many of them have lost their minds.

  2. The only black men who don’t like black women are the trash ones who hate their own blackness. We’re better off without them.

  3. But did she lie though? You see how black women can date outside the race and not drag black men for filth while doing so? It would be nice if black men could do the same.

  4. It’s so simple. Sad they don’t get this. You don’t have to bash black women to justify dating out. Damn just leave us alone.

  5. yall can say what yall want abt Cardi and her ratchet behavior but she spoke nothing but the truth on this topic.

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