Porsha Williams Responds to the Apollo Nida Affair Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Porsha Williams is responding to rumors claiming she slept with Apollo Nida before he went back to prison.

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  1. I’m sure one of Kenya’s rabid stans started this rumor. They have been pressed by Porsha ever since she dragged their idol across the floor like the trash she is. LOL.

    1. You know what’s funny though? You didn’t have a whole lot to say before Porsha came out and denied this. You were so upset that your faves may have been exposed at the reunion that you were about ready to quit watching. Remember? *giggles*

      1. Sis, shouldn’t you be more worried about why Kenya has to keep paying men to date her well into her 40s?

        1. It was that Kenya fan page thekenyamooredaily that did the cut and paste. His b-tch a-s better hope Porsha doesn’t sue him for defamation. And the fact that Kenya condones the sh-t he does is crazy.

  2. Did anybody catch Porsha and Kandi sitting next each other when KEnya came back from talking to Pheadra.This sh-t is so fake I am hardly able to stand it anymore

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