Tiny Harris Wants You to Know…

We told you months ago that it’s getting pretty difficult to understand the true status of TI and Tiny Harris’s marriage.

Tiny filed for a divorce late last year, but several weeks ago it was confirmed that TI was never served the court documents, and sources close to the couple claimed she wasn’t serious and just wanted to scare him into changing his ways.

However, TI doesn’t appear to be doing much changing.

Rumor has it there is another woman in his life, and folks have caught on to the rumored relationship thanks to the rapper’s social media activities.

The woman has been identified as Bernice Burgos:


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Interestingly enough, Tiny threw a little shade at TI’s rumored new boo on Instagram recently:

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  1. So she is going to shade his side piece instead of just going through with the divorce? This is why I can’t feel sorry for Tiny.

  2. Berniece is an old IG thot too. Chick is in her 40s still taking slutty photos and hoping for a rich man to save her.

  3. She talking about her child why bring up TI? People so damn miserable, like damn she know what he out there doing and if she cool with it why bring it up in every post she make

  4. I’m so thankful for common sense and my upbringing. I can’t imagine having a mentality that would bring me to say some isht like that – especially publicly.

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